Help with School Fees - Bursaries and Scholarships

The calculation of Bursary support takes into account the family’s total income from all sources, property value, savings, investments, and other capital assets. Bursaries are calculated on a sliding scale and are reviewed annually. How is Bursary support calculated?

As a broad guideline, families whose total income is £35,000 per annum or less might receive a Bursary of 100% of school fees and families whose total income is around £65,000 per annum might receive financial support of 50% of school fees. These figures are indicative only.

What does a Bursary include? In addition to school fees, means-tested support may be available for trips and other enrichment activities. How long does a Bursary last? You will continue to be eligible for financial support throughout your son’s time at Dulwich College. The amount of the Bursary award will be reviewed each year. 

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