Operations Manager - The Oaks

You’re more than welcome to be here; made to feel welcome from your first day with us – and every day thereafter. Make others welcome. This is someone’s home after all. • We expect everyone in our team to be treated with dignity and respect and we’re not ok with anyone who thinks otherwise – this won’t be the right workplace for you. • We put family first and recognise that we all have a life outside of work. We leave loudly, not making a secret of our desire to get home in time for tea. • We’re welcoming, respectful and downright excited about variety in our teams, we recognise the riches aren’t just in the profit we turn. • We all love a good story, but there’s no gossiping here, no telling tales and no sharing information that isn’t appropriate. • We use gender-neutral language and we never, ever judge others based on their lives being different to our own. • We treat one another with equal respect; we don’t let our job titles enter the room before we do.

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