Operations Manager - The Oaks

We teach, train and develop our people; we believe you should be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. We commit to the growth of our people, the business, our profits, our resident experience and our reputation. We lift as we climb.

• We actively encourage the spirit of enquiry – channel your inner toddler, forever ask why and challenge the status quo. • We think about who needs to know, before we blanket fire an email around the office. • We provide feedback to one another. • We ask what we can learn from any situation. • We all commit to a Working Agreement on how we communicate with one another. • We’re not afraid to suggest and try new ideas. • We believe the fear of failure equals fear of trying and that’s not who we are.

Have the courage to speak up, challenge when something’s not right, or when it can be better. Find your voice and know it matters. Don’t stay in your lane. Want more.

• We don’t want to hear that we do something because ‘it’s always been done that way’. • We’re prepared to take risks to arrive at the best solution for our stakeholders. • We speak up when something’s not ok, not working or not as effective as it could be. • We call out actions that go against the grain of our culture. • We start with ‘yes’. • We’re self-aware, we know our audience and we tailor ourselves appropriately. • We’re upfront, transparent and honest, we avoid the office politics. • We hold our hands up if things go wrong.

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