Operations Manager - The Oaks

Much is documented about the culture of an organisation; too much, some say. Or rather, that more effort can often be placed into the documenting of a culture and values, than the effort put into truly embracing and living the values of an organisation. We’re going to be the latter. We’re going to be better. You won’t find our values plastered across our walls, or our Team Members reciting them like a morning call; you won’t find a 100-page booklet detailing how we expect our Team Members to behave and you most certainly won’t find carbon-copy Team Members. Culture is how we work together to deliver a service to our customers, a meaningful career for our People and returns for our investors. It’s every single conversation we have internally and with our customers, parents, universities; it’s every piece of work we deliver, every person we hire, every supplier we pay, every room we sell, every new property we develop.

Our values are delivered, not just displayed

High Challenge high support

Freedom in a framework

People over policy

Base Camp


Reward what’s right

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