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Stay Safe on the Roads

this Summer

The summer months mean swimming, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors — not to mention that warm summer sun. But the warmer summer months also bring with them an increase in drunk driving. There are myriad reasons why this happens (people are on vacation, life is more relaxed, and people simply become reckless), but it doesn’t have to happen in such high numbers. And while there are many reasons given for driving while intoxicated, there are zero excuses. It is simply a bad idea to get behind any kind of wheel (boat, car, or otherwise) after you have been drinking.

• Teen deaths caused by drunk driving increase by 16 percent during the summer.


You can attempt to prevent accidents caused by drunk driving by simply not getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking. But it’s hard to prevent deaths caused by other drunk drivers. You can’t prevent someone else from driving drunk on the same road that you are traveling on. Sadly, many innocent drivers are killed every year by drivers who were intoxicated. However, there is one thing that you can do to keep yourself safe: Try not to travel as much during the popular summer holidays. The most popular summer holidays (the days when drunk driving increases) include the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Staying home and relaxing in the backyard is the safest thing to do. If you do plan on traveling during those holidays, make sure that you have not been drinking — and do not

Here are some numbers to think about.


• Over the past five years, an average of 10 people per day have died from drunk

driving during the summer months, which totals around 1,022 people.

• Drunk driving numbers increase during the summer because there are more people on the road.

let your children or anyone else get into a car with a person who has been drinking for any reason.


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