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G etting through divorce is a difficult process to say the least. And the end of your divorce is just the beginning of a whole new life filled with new and sometimes unknown challenges. That’s why at my law firm we make every effort to provide our clients with Value Added Services that will assist folks as they move into the next phase of their life and also support them during the crisis known as divorce . I work with a financial planner on a daily basis who I describe as the best Customer’s Man in the industry because he always places the interests of my clients above his own. Gregory Masone is a Rare Breed .

F requently, the biggest challenge encountered by my clients is in the area of their financial future. Will I have enough money to buy a new house?

How can I structure my retirement plan going forward? How do I establish a realistic budget? What investments are available to me that might fit my

goals and needs both for myself and my children? These are just some of the non-legal financial questions that my clients need answered. E ach of Gregory’s clients has a vision of where they would like to be positioned and through communication and collaboration, my client and Gregory move forward to accomplish these goals. Gregory’s wealth management philosophy is consistent

Gregory is a financial professional providing services to individuals, business owners, and professionals. He manages finances for

with capital preservation and long-term goals. He takes the “roller coaster” out of investing.

Call — your collaboration with

the purpose of growth, income, or retirement. His focus is always on practicing wealth management with integrity and ethics. He focuses on a wide range of issues from tax and estate planning, the use of trusts, life insurance integration, and post-divorce financial evaluation and planning.

Gregory Masone could be your wisest financial

decision — start the conversation as so many of my clients have done before you with great success.

Ease your transition to the next phase of your life. We are here to help.

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