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Fall Break 2018

This vacation will not soon be forgotten. Fall Break is, by far, my favorite vacation since we began to go to Seaside, Florida. This is a lazy little town where you park your car and ride a bike everywhere you need to go. My kids all have friends that go down as well, so Daddy doesn’t have to be the prime entertainment. This was Sophie’s last fall break with us (my 17 year old Senior daughter), so we rented on 30A, right across from a beach access. She brought 4 friends with her so our house was going to be really full. I actually get to relax at Seaside and just be…. Not this year. We rolled into Seaside on Saturday around 2 PM, excited to get down to the beach and play a bit. I opened the door to the car and was immediately hit in the face with the smell of dead fish. I thought that it was strange and went to check our garbage can…empty. Within 45 seconds, wewere all coughing. I got my first taste of the RED TIDE. I have never experienced this phenomenon before and hope not to experience it again. I unloaded the car, went inside, closed all of the doors and breathed really deeply, still coughing. When that subsided, I walked down to the beach and was shocked... Dead fish and eels everywhere. The lung irritation was incredible. I ran back to the house and closed the door.

Done outside for the day, we watched some SEC football, Bulldogs beat Auburn. #HAILSTATE. This continued for the next day. We tried to get on the beach on Sunday, but it was still a no go. Too much Red Tide. We did get to play inland a bit until we just couldn’t take it anymore. ByMonday, it was improving; the water was getting a little clearer. There was a reason for that, Hurricane Michael was coming. The winds started picking up and we were glued to the tube. By Monday night, a mandatory evacuation was ordered for Seaside. I packed the car for a move. My wife found us a place down in Fort Morgan where we used to go when the kids were really small. 5 AM Tuesday morning, we are on the road. We get to Fort Morgan and the surf is huge, Double red flags. 4 days without being able to touch the water. Michael was coming. We still went to the beach though. You had to sit with your back to the wind due to the gusts. The gusts were up to 70 mph and would blast sand right through you. By Thursday, the winds calmed and the surf quieted. We had beautiful weather the last 3 days. We returned to Collierville Sunday to move into a Hotel for a while. Our dishwasher leaked and we have to redo the floors in the house. At least we have hot breakfast every morning. -Jeremy Pittman


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