RedStone Construction Brochure—Our Story

Howard Smith Vice President of Construction

Smith has over 45 years of experience and approximately $1 billion worth of projects under his belt. As Vice President of Construction, Howard’s role is to provide day-to-day leadership and management to the construction department that is internally and externally aligned with RedStone’s overall strategic vision, philosophy, mission, short-term and long-term goals, and policies.

William Mosher, LEED, AP Director of Construction

Mosher is experienced in planning, organizing and directing all activities associated with the construction of RedStone projects. With nearly 20 years of construction experience, William provides leadership and confidence to project teams, assists in preventative planning for cost-effective solutions, and analyzes decisions that impacts potential issues and outcomes of projects.

Andrea Gibson National Account Executive

Gibson has more than 20 years of business development in the A/E/C industry. She is responsible for acquiring and serving clients that fit RedStone’s vision and goals, maintaining and growing revenue from assigned accounts, and coaching and training RedStone value proposition.


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