Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Tlre Most 5pe(locular Eve nt

made Them looh so beautiJully golden that no one could possibly not lihe Them. While the bathing was going on, devotees up on the scaffolding would throw large clumps of Tulast onto the deities, which would stich to their bodies-especially w'hen they did, the honey. I noticed that Jayapataha Maharaja was crying while he was bathing Lord Caitanya, and so was Srldhara Maharaja. It seemed lihe nerybody was really emotional and overwhelmed by what was happening.


Now we are just seeing the final stages of the abhiseha. Sri Panca-tattva are being wiped down with soft drying cloths, and as we watch, the doors are being pulled shut. But then the pujarls have opened them again! We are being give a little more mercy before it ends... Then the deities will be dressed, and again the doors will open for the first drati ceremony to Sri Paflca-tattva, dressed in all Their finery adorned with jewels and flower garlands, all for the pleasure of Their dear devotees...


And now the deities are being showered with yellow marigold petals, so many that they are piled on Their heads like crowns. The hlrtana is going wild; now red rose petals have come, the altar is swamped in a rainfall of flowers, the demigods are surely showering their own petals on the deities... it's a wondrous spectacle, the hrrtana is mind-blowing, lifting everyone con'rpletely out of their bodies. This is only the spiritual world, a totally transcendental plane... there is nothing material in this room, in this dhama today, nothing at all... orange marigolds are now rain- ing in front of Sri Paflca-tattva, cascading over Their shining, beautiful fbrms. How I wish there was a souncl facility on this transmission... to hear this sound, to hear the devotees roaring in ecstasy, it's too much. It's a most mystical experience...


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