Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami, the hurnble servant and true follower of Srimad Sarasvatr Gosvami. Night and day he tirelessly translates Srunad- Bhdgavatanr into the language of the Yavanas." The Lord's imploring glance inducecl Srila Bhaktisicldhdnta Sarasvatt to finally speak: "He is following the instruction I gave hirn at our first meeting. I told him to preach Your Lordship's message all over the world. I repeated this to him at Raclha-kunda ten years later ancl reconfirmed it by letter.just beflore my departure. That order is now ripe for fulfillment. But my Lord knows all of this, for it is You who actually rnacle all the arrangements. It was You who arranged his birtl-r in a pure, aristocratic Vaisnava family. By the time You sent him to me, his father Gaura Mohan De had alreacly impressed upon him all the essential elements of Your mission. I only needed to stress the importance of publishing literature and to command him to spread Your movement worldwide. "Then Your Lordship did what You alone can do: though fortune and happiness were his destiny, You made his business fail and his family attachments evaporate Sensing your Lordship's intention, I appeared repeatedly in his drearns and ordered him to take sannyasa. Now humanity is his family and its resollrces are his inherited wealth. He is fearlessly reposed at Your lotus feet and awaits Your final command." Waves of enthusiasm swept away the Lord's anxiety. He turned to Lord Nityananda ancl embraced Hirn strongly. Sri Nityananda Rama at once jumpecl up and began to dance so florceflully that the ground beneath His lotus feet shook- Others rose to join, but Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu bade them be patient while He calmed His brother's ecstasy. When Lord Nityananda again became peaceful, Lord Caitanya asked Him to sit beside Him. Then, looking at His circle of intimate associates, the Lorcl requestecl each to bestow their unconclitional mercy upon the best servant o[ Sarasvati Gosvimi. Lord Caitanya callecl lirst upon Sri Advaita Acarya, saying that the Acirya was such a great personality that Lorcl Krsna would surely fulfill His prayers. The

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