Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eiglrtecr Da.y.r - SrI Ptica-ldlt!(,s


exalted Sri Advaita, the incarnation ol both Lorcl Maha-Visnu and Lord Siva and tl-re shelter for all conditioned souls, offered the first benediction: "My Lord, since You are not scheduled to appear again until Brahma's next day, countless jivas will have to suffer endless births awaiting Your next appearance. I cannot bear this. Therefore I pray that You now empower Sarasvatr Gosvami's able disciple to deliv- er thern on Your behalf." All the assembled devotees roared their approval. The Lord looked lovingly at Sri Gadadhara Pandita, His personilied pleasure porency. Sri Gacladhara responded appropriately: "Who can understar-rd the Lord's and His devotees'reciprocal exchanges? when old age prevented nly worship of beloved Gopindtha, He sar down to receive my garlands and other services. Those who claim the Deity is stone are themselves stone-hearted. May rny Lord melt the hearts of those stone- like jlvas by Your loving dealings with Sri Abhay Caranaravinda." Then the Lord turned to Srtvasa Thakura, the incarnation o[ Sri Narada Muni. Srivisa Thakura took his cue and pronouncecl, "As You have enabled me to travel everywhere to preach Your glories, please give him this same facility. Give him the key to every city of the world and to each and every hearr that dwells therein." The circle oI confidential associates beamed with joy. "Bhattacarya, you are expert in the six philosophies. what boon will you grant?" "That he drive impersonalism and voidism from the face of this earth," Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya confidently replied, drawing joyous approval from all. Sri Ramdnanda Riya offered his blessings nexr: "May You speak through his lips as You spoke through mine. May You allow hirn to reveal the most confidential truth concerning the spontaneous devotional service of the residents of Vrndavana." The Lord turned to Thdkura Haridasa. "Narnacdrya, Your blessing is rnost important of all. What boon will you bestow on my flearless servitor?" Haridasa Thdkura replied without hesitation, "The power to give Your pure holy name to everyone, no mat- ter how lowly or fallen they may be." Loud chants of "Hariboll Hctribol!" soared ro the heavens.


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