Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

A Wlrole New Era o.[ Gsuraiga's Mercv

They are herel And the temple is too smalll They need Their new temple.

If you speak of pledictions, then there is a prediction by one Acyutdnanda, he was an associate, a contemporary of Lorcl Caitanya, and he wrote a book on predic- tions, and all the Purl panditas they accept this book because all these predictions are coming true.Just recently, a huge slab fell down insideJagannatha's temple, and that was a precliction in the book. It is also said that from that time, JagannAtha would be inclined to accept service frorn His loreign devotees. Another prediction is that the 25thJanuary 2004, marks a new era in the world. And frorn that time many remples would be built all over the world. There would be a great devotional and religious fever started all over the world. This also coincides with the whole Russian victory of the prime lancl that was so difficult to get. They final- ly got a confirmation that the land is theirs on the 2lst of January 2004- Incidentally, on the 25th, when we were working in Kumbakonam with the deities, we calculated that the 23rd February was going to be the installation clate, so we have this much time flor painting, this much time for polishing, this much time to get it from Kumbakonam to here, so our last working date is 24th January 2004. And 11w25-sn the 24th we were all packed up. So that was anoth- er prediction; and what to speak of Nityananda Prabhu's predictions, and what to speak of Srila Prabhupida's. Yes, I was thinking that now, everything should be focused on Mayipur, and ot-t this project, because the prediction is that from this temple, service to Gauranga spreacls all over the world, adbhuta mandira eha haibe pra'ha!;a gauraigera nitya sebahaibe vihdsa, "And one wonderful temple will be manifest there from whichL rhe erernal worship of Lord Gauranga will be spread." So all the different energi(3s from around the world should sirnply concentrate on this project. If the Lord is there then it is going to happen; we shoulcl start with... in every town and village locally, we should create this desire. So we all are going to be part of it, just keep it going. Wherever you are, just get absorbed and give out Krsna.


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