Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eightten Da),s - Sri Poricn-t(f lvdis MAyApur-lila

I would say, that if you see that in some places there is some development going on, especially locally, then just help it, just run forward, and ask please is rhere anything that I can do. I[ everybody just gives their energy ro anyrhing that is hap- pening around, just come forward. Caitanya Mahaprabhn's rnercy is there and you are going to get it. Panhajanghri Prabhu - When I saw the rruck coming, ar rhe welcoming, my heart went up to my mouth, my voice chokecl up, and tears calre from my eyes. That was just from seeing the truck. Ancl you couldn't even see the deities-They were covered; Lord Caitanya was coming first, He was in front. He was on His back-in ecstasy already! They had come to benedict the whole world. But just seeing that truck, it was sornething else. The clevotees were really going wild. It was like something out o[ the Caitanya-caritdmrta; you saw devotees embracing each other, crying, laughing, walking around bewildered, clancing, ancl I just didn't know how to take it, how to hanclle it, I thoughr I was going to lose it! And I was rhinking of the song that says, premer vanyd loiya nitai aila gauda-deSe / duhilo bhaltata-gana dtnahlnabhase-that those who couldn't drown in this ocean of nectar, they just floated. And it was like that, I was scared to let go, ir was such a feeling-l thought, "Oh, I have some photos to take, I have ro do this or rhat," trying ro sta- bilize myself, but actually I was so bewildered, wandering here and there. It wasn't just a few moments, il. was the whole procession. I was realizing also, when They carrre the feeling was, "Everything's OK," and I was thinking o[that harinama with the Chand Kazi, how everyone came ollt and they were jumping up and down, clirnbing trees, they were in ecsrasy "Mahaprabhu's here!" and all the Kazi's agents would run away in [ear. It was just like that. lt was a feeling of, "Everything's OK, no more problems, everything is all right."

But when we were trying to get the Lord inside the temple, ancl the cloor was too


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