Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

l1 i gh t r c n D rt.1, r - J r'1 P.t it (: a - L ( I L t u' s M a y i

1t t r - 11 I d

Insights Tht rtsidents of Mayapur and devotees .f'rom around the world share their insights and expariences during the festival, with stories , rnamories, and re alizations.

Hari-!;auri Dasa

I was fortunate enough to be in Mdyipur fcrr the long-anticipated installarion o[ the life-size lorms o[ Sri Panca-tattva. I say long-anticipated because for me at least, the lirst time I heard about these wonclerful forms oI the Lord was 28 years before, in 1976. I was visiting MAyApur for the second tirne in rny life, and flor the first time as Srila Prabhupacla's personal servanL. During that visit Srila Prabhupdda discussed with the Mdydpur rnanagers ancl his chiel architect, Saurabha Prabhu, the design atrd construction of a grand edifice that would become a beacon o[ l(1gr1a consciousness around the world. In several meetings and discussions Srlla Prabhupdcla clescribed l-ris vision for the coming 'Temple oI Vedic Planetarium.' He also finalized his desires for the deities Who would be worshipped in this adbhuta mand.ira: "February 2, I 976-Mayipur ln anothcr discussion latcr irr the day with Bhavananda Maharaia, Srila Prabhupzicla clecidccl that thc Dcities lor thc proposed new temyrlc in Mdyipur should bc lile-sizc, likc thc Hyderabad Deities. He wants to install Panca-tattva-Lorcl Caitanya. and His pcrsonal associatcs-witlr al lcast {ive preclcccssor gtrrus, Radha-Krsna, and thc cight principal gopls." I'ansrendt:ntal Diary Volunu, 1 So since [hat tirne, I have becn eagerly hoping [or, expecting, longing [or, the ful- fi]lment o[ Srila Prabhupdda's instructions. In 1980 I was fortunate to see the life- size forms of Sri sri Radha-Madhava installed, and in the coming years, the asta- sahhis. Then after solne more years, the temporary Panca-tattva tenrple was built and Their Lordships installed in Their chota florms.

All of these events were majclr milestones, and giant steps forward to our ultimatc


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