Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


goal of esrablishing a transcendental city centered around the Ternple of Vedic Planetarium. But the installation of the life-size Panca-tattva has surpassed them all. Its signiflicance goes far beyoncl my puny imagination. When my daughter Rasarani came horne after the first darshan at the opening of Their Lordships'eyes, she tolcl her mother that when the devotees roarecl as the cloors opened, she felt sornething in her heart that she had never felt before. I felt the same way. It left me breathless. I could ncver imagine that the Lorcl would manifest Hirnself in such gloriously beautiful forrn. They are simply awesolrle. For nearly 30 years I have contemplated the building o[ the rnain temple, and wonclerecl whether it would ever be possible, at least in our lifetirnes, to see this rranscendental desire of Srila Prabhupida realized. Sometimes I despaired that it would ever happen, that rnaybe it was just a pipe drearn to be tacklecl by a future generation of rnore elevatecl Vaisnavas. But now Their Lordships have rnacle Their advent; They have appeared in Their full-fleclged glory and Thcy are saying very clearly, "Yes, We are here, We have come to fulfill the ardent desire of the best of Our devorees, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swarni Prabhupdda and his preclecessors. Now We are here in Our original forms ancl We shall manifest OuI temple and planetarilun very soonl" What rnore can be said? Sri Panca-tattva lti jcWa!Srila Prabhupitdalzi iaya! TSKCON hi.jaya!

Sitala Devl Dasl

Arrival Day

It was a rough morning for me. My arthritic body ached and screanted lbr sleep, while my mind clroned monotonously on about what. a useless devotee I arn. My daughter had just rushed o[[ in excitement, eager to greet the newly-arrived Panca- tartva cleities. I knew I sl,ould feel thrillecl ancl hurry out to meet Them, but I stil]


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