Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

ca,ritAmrtu of Lord Caitanya's hlrtanas in Puri, how the sound vibration penetrated through the layers of the universe and enterecl right into the spiritual sky. It was a very transcendental occasion, and I feel so blessed to have been allowed to witness it.

Sitala DevT Dasi

First Darshan

Thehtrtana was building to a state o[great intensity as we waited for the first dar- shan of the Paiica-tattva. This was no time for social exchanges or casual obser- vance. Everyone was focused and chanting with full force. When the doors sud- denly opened, revealing the five exquisite golden forms, the roar was deafening. The sound seemed to come [rom the entire universe-a universal roar. The beauty of the deiries was astounding. Yet, as the crowd rushed excitedly forward. a flash of fear surged through me- "I could actually get cornpletely crushed in a crowd like this. Oh, well," I decided, "what away to go!" I couldn't get out of the temple room anyvvay, and I couldn't take nly eyes off the captivatir-rg flace of Lord Caitanya. I cotrld not help but think of Srimatl Radharanl's asl gazed at Him. For the first time, I had a tiny little glimpse of the fact that He is the embodiment of thc mood oI Srimati Radharani-full of sweetness, softness, compassion, and love. For years I have hankerecl to fieel closer to Lord Caitanya, but He has always seemed distant. But, today He captured my heart.

Prahlad Nrsimha Drisa

The advent of Sri Panca-tattva was a mystical experience o[ the reciprocation of the Supreme Absolute Truth with His devotees, and the fulfilhnent of the words of Sa,sfta. Sri Panca-tattva had decided to give Krsna-prema to everyone in this small

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