Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


window of time, this 'Golden break' inside Kali-yuga, and They have chosen Srila Prabhupdda's ISKCON to execute it. In recent times, quite a few devotees have been experiencing a crisis of faith in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON due to the power of the age o[ hypocrisy and quar- rel-lots of criticism towards the leaders of ISKCON by new and old groups with personal agendas trying to change what has already been so clearly presented by Srila Prabhupada and Sastra. All this and more has been taking its toll in the minds of the ISKCON family. Thus the sudden advent of Sri Panca-tattva in the heart of ISKCON-Sri Miyipur-dhama-brought new life, and tears oI inspiration, hope, and reassurance that the Lord and His representative, Srtla Prabhupida, are pleased with the humble efforts of His followers. The Lord appeared so magniflicently with His arms upraised in a way that says: "I am here with you all, let's conquer the world for Sri Krsna!" And His associates are with Him, smiling kindly to attract everyone, with Their palms directed towards His lotus [eet, reassuring us that it its true indeed: the worshipable Lord and His Most Beloved Consort have appeared as one to alleviate the suffering of everyone by giving the Holy Name to all. Sri Paflca-tattva were so personal with all. To make it even more real They dis- played for us the pastime o[ Their eternal mercy by choosing a stalwart preacher, His Holiness Sridhara Maharaja, as recipient of Their promise to personally deliver a devotee who surrenders his life to help deliver the fruits of love of God. Each devotee has a personal experience of Their mercy. Even an insignificant condi- tioned soul as myself felt Their personal exchange. The day Their Lordships arrived, I was trying to help to direct the trolley that was transporting Lord Caitanya to the altar. Many devotees were helping to push the trolley up the ramp to the altar. lt was a tense and dangerous moment, and I went up front to ensure that the wheels were aligned with the narrow wooden planks of tl-re ramp. At that moment one o[ the brahmins who was actually steering the trol-


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