Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


Will sorne devotees feel offended by the roped oflf sections? My concern increased when lhe bathing suddenly began before all the devotees had been allowed to enter, and many devotees were still sitting and chatting lightly amongst them- selves. Thehlrtana was going nicely, but it didn't seem to be gripping, and the mood in general wtrs kincl of flat in comparison to the extraordinary ecstasy expe- rienced in the preceding days. I was starting to wonder i[ the way we had arranged the bathing event might not be pleasing to the Lord-or something. Maybe I was just overly anxious for everything to go right, but I flelt frustrated and began to pray, "Please, Lord Caitanya, let it happen again. Open the storehouse and throw the contents out, like the other day." When I saw Govinda MahAraja take the microphone I felt hopeful. The moment he startecl to sing in a very melodious tune, things seemed to shift. It felt as iIa win- dow to the spiritual world suddenly opened, and the Holy Narne Himself appeared, along with Sri Panca-tattva. Now we each had the opportunity to bathe the deities-with the most nectarine substance of the holy name. This would cer- tainly be the most enjoyable bath for the Lord and His associates. As everyone's attention became riveted, theh.lrtana exploded and the magnilicent abhiseha began to unflold. We could hardly believe what was taking place before our eyes. The waves of ecstasy and joy tl-rat followed were so wonderflul that I could only liken it to the description given of the Kheturi-mahotsava of Narottama Dasa Thikura, where the Panca-tattva and all Their associates appeared personally. It felt as if we had directly entered into the Caitanya-caritamrtu.

Vidvan Gauraiga Dasa

At the entrance to Sri Paflca-tattva's temple, there are stairways leading to an inter- nal balcony, where you can have a nice view o[ whatever is happening in Their temple. So, I thought, let rne go there and see.just how many are joyously singing Krsna's holy names in the hrtana. I noticed that at the balcony too, to my amaze-


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