Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eightrer Du-1,5 - Sri Psrittr-tettr.t's Mavi.pur-ltla

ment, the devotees, several with cameras, were also singing! Usually in kirtanas at a ten'rple, tlrere is a core o['firecl-up'devotees who are pailicipatinginhlrtana,and the others are sornewhat spaced out and standing arollrld tlre sicles. But here I saw that devotees were just overwhe ln,ed by a powerful spiritual potency to sing Hare Krsna continuously in a hrppy rnood! Honestly, as lar as my memory goes, this is the first time in the last fifteen years or so that I had ever noticed such a phenornenon. From the balcony I saw tl"rat the devotees in the hall sometimes stood up to dance in lirtana (tl'rey had to be told to sit down sometimes). I then came downstairs, wonder-struck at what was happen- ing. Just before I re-entered the Panca-tattva temple, I metJaya Govinda-carana Prabhu who was either videoing or photograpliing the event. I askecl him, "What's happening lrere? How conle everyone is actually happy and overwheln-red in klr- tana?" His realization was, "This Paflca-tattva deity installation is causing the movement to enter a new phase. By Lord Caitanya's arrangement, this movement will not be the same again." I went. in front of the Panca-tattva altar and I saw all kinds of devotees joi,ously participating in the klrtana'. devotees from all different cor-rtinents, old devotees, young devotees; [irst generation devotees, second generation gurukuli devotees; temple resident devotees, congregational devotees; clevotees optimistic about ISKCON, clevotees pessimistic about ISKCON; even clevotees involved in adminis- tration; sanrr-yasi.s, grhasthas, brahmacarls, brahmacarlnis, marriecl womell, renunci- ate women; devotces who generally like ltlrtctnas, devotees who generally are not into hlrtonas; the intellectual, pseudo-intellectuals (including dry speculators likc me), lron-intellectuals; the big shots, and the rank-ancl-file members; everybody was just happily absorbed in singing Hare Krsna, Harc KfSla, Kfqla Krsna, Harc Hare / Hare Rama, Hare RAma, Rdma Rama. Hare Hare, despite the lhct that Govir"rda Maharaja and Niranjana Maharaja were actually singing Hare Krsna in only two tunes, again and again and again. I saw sorne GBC rnernbers also singing Hare Krsna in great happiness. I also saw some gurukuli clevotees. some small


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