Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


children too, sitting along with the Mahari.jas participating in the lelrtana. One boy was blowing a horn every now and then. I could find no other explanation to this phenomenon, except that Mahaprabhu and His associates were manifesting Thernselves, ancl those who can come to this Parica-tattva installation function or at least the other aspects of this year's Gaura-purnirna flestival, ancl who are still deciding to r-lot conle, are robbing themselves of a great spiritual flortune.

Ahladint Rddha Devl Dasl

"The Krsna consciousness move[lent will inunclate the entire world and drown everyone, whether one be a gentleman, a rogue or even larne, ir-rvalid or blind." (Cc Adi 7 .26) Those who were fortunate drowned themselves in this ocean o[ecstasy of love oI Godhead and the less fortunate ones simply floatecl on it. But everyone was expcri- encing it, no doubt about that! The only qualification necessary was one's pres- ence. Anyone who was here on those days was sirnply forced to plunge into this ocean o[ ecstasy. Everything ancl everyone at every time was centered around the Panca-tattva and I am sure all those who were present would agree that this isn't an exaggeration. As for rnysell, I was unable to find a suitable conclusion when I tried to calculate rny good fortune. I simply marveled at the hrpc o[ Srila Prabhup6da when I saw the magnificent forms of the Lord standing upright on the altar, even before the installation cerernony! Am I going to dance in front of Them? Aur I going to call out Gauranga's name in liont of Them? Every dayl I could not believe it. I am actually cloing it but it still seems like a dream. But the good news is, it is true. Only by the urercy of the Vaisnavas am I, so unqualified, allowed to reside here in the holy dhama of Sri Mayapur, wl'rere Lord Caitanya and His parsada vtnda are performing Tl-reir pastimes cvery day-hono hono bhagtaban dehhibarc paye .


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