Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


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actually, air is also Kfgla, water is also Krsna, earth is also Krsna, fire is also Kfqla, because they are all Krs4a's energy. So in this way, if we try to understand that Panca-tattva, Srl-hrsna-caitanya prabhu- nityananda, i;r|-qdvaila gacladhara Snvasadi-gam a-b'hahta vrnda... This is Panca- tattva: Sri Krsna Caitanya, Sri Nityinanda, SrI Advaita, Sri Gadadhara, and Srlvisddi. Srivdsadi means jrva- tdttva. The ,jlva-tattva, Salzli'tttttvct, visnu-tattva, these are all tattvas. So Panca-tattva. Sri KfSqa Caitanya is the suprelne tnlfva, KtEna. Srt-hrsna-caitanya, radha-hrsna nahe anya. We are worshiping RAdha-Krsna. So SrI Kflla Caitanya is Radha-Krsna combined.

St!-hrvta- caitany a, raclha-hrsna naht: any a r adha-lt rsna-pranay a-vihrtir hladinl - Saltti r asntad ehatmanav api bhuvi pura deha-bhedatu gatau tolt c ait any ahhy arh pr altatam adhuna tad- dv ay a th c aihy am aptam'. . lCc. Adi t.5l

Radha-Krsna... Krsna is the Supreme. Whetr KfSla wants to enjoy... The enjoyer... bhohtaram yajna-tapasarh sarva-loha-mahesvcttam lrg.5.29I. He's enjoyer. So when He wants to enjoy, that is not rnaterial enjoyment. That is spiritual, superior ener- gy, not material energy. Because KfSqa is the suprenle, thelefore He enjoys tlre superior energy. So Krsna's... The Radha-KlSna lila is not material. One who understands Radhe-Krsna lila as material, they are mislecl. KlSna cannot enioy anything material. He's sttpreme pleasure... lf you say that "We are seeing claily that you are offering ltrasada, rhe vegetable, rice. They are all material," no, they are not material. This is real understanding. How it is not tnaterial? That is acintya, inconceivable. Krsna can turn material into spiritual and spiritual into material. That is Krsna's inconceivable power, acintya-Saltti. Unless you accept acintyu-saltti of Krsna, you cannot understand KtEla. Acintya-sakti. So this is simulraneously one and different. This acintya-bhedabheda-tattva you'll find everywhere in Vaisnava philosophy. Similarly, here the author of Caitanya' caritdmrta is trying to explain thatpanca-tattva eha-vastu, they are one Krsna, but


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