Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eightctn D{r.ys - Sri Porira -tutt\tl's MA!dpur-lila

called simultaneously one and different, inconceivable.

So Mayavadi philosophers, they rake one side only, that it is one. They do r-rot understancl what is the clifference, what is the differerlt taste, varieties. They cannot understancl the varieties, unity in diversity. They cannot understand. Just like sugar and milk-you prepare so many sweetmeats: "This is rasagulla, this is sandesa, this is burfi,this is this, this is that." Hundreds o[prepararion yon can... But what is that? That sugar ancl milk. So similarly, variety is the mother of enjoy- ment. The Mayavadi philosophers, they cannor understand. Therefore they have be en d es crib e d i n t"he Bh a gav ata, v imuht a - maninah, av iS uddha - b u ddhay ah I5B 10.2.321. They are thinking that now they have becorne one with the Supreme, Nerayana. They address between themselves, "nanno narayana," that "Everyone has become Narayana." This is their... "Everyone is Ndrayala," that's all right, but still, different. That distinction is made by the Vaisnavas. The sarne exarrlple: The ditfer- ent energies, material energy and spiritual energy, they are different. One is superi- or, one is inl'erior. But when you go to the central point flrom where all energies are coming... Yab vA imani bhutani jayante. This is tl-re Veclic injunction, "From where everything is emanating." agir mali gaganam ambu marud disas ca kal as tathatma-tnanaslti .j agat-tr ay dni

yaxnaclbhavanti vibhavanti visanti yeith ca got,indam adi-ptuusafi tam aharh bhajami

Agni is coming fiom Krsna. Ma}i, the earth, it is conring from Krsna . Agni, maht, gagana, the sky, it is coming from Krsna. Atnbu, water, is coming from Krsna. Agni mali gaganam ambu... Marut, air, is coming frorn KfSna. Because it is coming from Kftqa, it is not clifferent frorn Krsna. Everything is Krsna. But when you raste the air breezing and the warer and the earth and the lire, you canlloL say, "Because the air is coming from Kfgna and water is coming from Krsna, so cit.her I may be in the air or in the sea, it is all the same." We are living in air, but i{'I think thar air and the water is the same, I jump over the ocean, that is not very good idea. But


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