Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

I'ou Ccrnot Livr W'ithout Vdri?tv"

dha-buddhaych tsB 10.2.321. The realization o[the Absolute Truth is the platform of vistrddha-sailva. So unless one comes to the platform o[ personal realization of the Lorcl, one is supposed to be aviSuddha-buddhi: intelligence is not yet perfectly pure. So here it is said, elta-vastu. So far the substance is concernecl, that iseha-vastu. Just like in logical categories the substance is there, and there are many categories. Take for example that the Absolute Truth is one, but there are categories: "This is Sahti-tattva; this is prahasa-tattvd; this is incarnation tattvd; this is marginal potdn- cy; this is external potency." Parasya ialttir vividhaiva Srhyate [Cc. Mcrclhya 13.65, purportl. There are many mu.ltipotencies. Because the original is Absolute Truth, in one sense everyone is in the same absolute platform. In the Srlmad-Bhagavdt(tm there is a verse, idah hi visvam bltagavan ivetarah: "This viSva, the whole cosmic manifestation, is Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead." Just like Krsna manifested His universal form. So every part and parcel is Bhagavdn, but still, it is drflferent. This is the philosophy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu's acinfya-bhedabheda: simultaneously one and different, inconceivable- We cannot couceive at the pres- ent tnonlent how one thing can be the same, at the same tin-re di[ferent; therefore it is callecl adntya, incqnceivable. But bhedabheda... Just like we are-everything- you study. lt is acintya-bhedabhed.a, one ancl clifferent. Take for example yo.,. oiyn bocly arrcl you, soul. The soul is different from the body. Dehino'stnin yatha dehe haumarai'r yauvanarh.jara lBg.2.l3l. The dehi, rhe soul, is within the bocly. The body is nor rhe soul. So rhis is different. Soul is difflerent from the body. We have studied. But in another sense, soul is not different from the body, another sense. How? Because the body', the material body, is also coming from the same source, and the spiritual soul is coming from the salne source, Kfsla. Krsna says, apareyam. KfSla said, bhami r apo 'nalct vayuh hharh mano buddhir eva lBg- 7 .41. "These rnaterial elements, they are My bhiruta prahrtir astadha, eight kinds of sepa- ratecl energy." Even though it is separated energy, it is the energy o[the Suprerne Lord. We have cliscussecl many times. Just like the fire and the heat and light. Light is separated flrom the fire, heat is separated from the fire, but at the same rirne, heat and light is not different from the lire. This is to be understood. This is


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