Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

''lou Crtlnol l-ivr lVithout Var i(t) '

abh y u tth an a,n ddhann as Y a tadatmanafi srjamY ahtun lBg. +.71

Sambhavamy dtma-mayayf tBg. a.61. He c]oes not accept this r-nayic body. Etatl lSanamll($ya. That is the, I mean to say, power, olllnipotency of Krsna. Even He accepts this material hody, it cloes not mean that He is material' Just like we see the Deity, the Deity, Raclha-Krsna Deity, in our front. Everyone will say, "oh, this is a Deity macle olbrass, material." But no, it is not material. You have to study in that way. Arcye visttu Sila-clhlr gurusu nara-ft7atih. These are narahl buddhi. Vaisnave jati' butldhih. The Deity as material, Siladhih, considering as lnetal or stone or wood, ancl gurrrsur nara-,natil"t, and guru as orclinary human being. Vctisnave jati-buddhih: a Vaisnava, to consicler, "Here is American vqistTava ancl here ts abrahmana yaisnava] No, vaisnctva is vdisri(tva. This is absolute. GuruLsu nara-matih' Guru, althcrugh he is appearing like human being, he should not be considered' Acaryair tncttit vijanl.yltn ndvamanyeta horhicit ISB I I . L7 .271. These ale the injunction oI the ,(astras. Suppose we are worshiping here. The Miydvicli will say, "They are wor- shiping a brass, metal Deity." So are we so fools that we are spending so much rrloney for worshiping a lump oI rnetal? That they do not know. This is acintya- bhed.abhecler. Ancl fact is that. KtSla is omnipotent. He can accept your service in any way, as He likes. This is callecl arca-vigtaha. As Krsna's avatAra is there, here is also another avatara, arcd-vigraha. He is so kind. You cannot see Krsna' you can- not touch Kfs-+a at the present lnoment, bttt Krsna is so kind that He appears before you as you can touch, you can dress, you can offer your respect, yotl can see. That is Krsna's mercy. But don't think that Kfqtra has becorne metal' No' And even if He becomes metal, there is no cliflference. Ancl what is this metal? That is Krsna's energy. We have to understand in that way' So this acintya-bhedabhecla-tattya... Paflca-tattva-eha-vastu, nahi hichu bheda rasa asvaclite. Rasa asvadite, the mellows, transcenclental mellows. So these chapters o[ Caitanya-caritAmfia are very... These are postgraduate study. You have to read it


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