Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

" Pre c ious Cdr go"

Everyone was thinhing that the little cr(tne was going to tip over with the weight oJ Him, since it could barely move when it was holding Him. Meanwhile, me and my friends were raiding the gardens, piching all the Jlowers and putting the petals on tht cart so tl'tat Lord Caitanya would have somtthing nice to lie on. We madt a mat- tress of petals that was at least two inches thich when we were done. We had all the time in the world, and more, to put heaps more Jlower petals on, if there hadbeen anv left, because it tooh two and a half hours to get Lord Caitanya off the truch. lt was boiling hot now, but everyone still stayed out there, waiting for Lord Caitanya. Whm they /inally got Him ofJ the truch and pushecl the cart underneath Him, and started loweringHim-I don't hnow about everyone else, but I was very worried that at soon as He wouldbe put on the carl it would just collapse . My mother thought it tuas a johe when she saw the cart. When they started lowering Lord Caitanya, He got stuch on the edge of the crane berause of the bigbeams oJ wood enclosing Him to heep Him sttJe . Ht was haf on the cart and holf on the (rane. They wanted to try to swing Him ofJ the crane into the air above the cart, s() they had everybody pushing and heaving, trlting to get Him unstuch. OJ course it was useles.s because He weighed three tonnes, including the wood. So, they got big thich ropes, tied it around Him, and everyone was pulling, That didn't worh dther because the people weren't strong enough. So, they got this small little tractor thing and tied the rope to the baclz of it, and it drove off , and everyone elsc added their weight to it as well. Finally, Lord Caitanya started swinging out, and the rope starte d snapping-but Jortunately, He tvas already just above the cart. By this time , my Jeet and my friends'Jeet were achingJ'rom standing up.for so long, ancl all the flower petals on the cart were squished and'halfoJ them had Jallen ofJ. When they Jinally plated Hitn on the cart, everyone held their breath wonduing whether the cart would holtl His weight or not. Luchily, the cart didn't fall apart. I was eyen more surprised when I Jound out how they were goitrg to move the catt. They had all the deyotees behind it pushing, ancl the steering Jacility was .iust a long


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