Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eiglrteen f)n_ys - Srt Pafict-lutlytts Mayapur-liln

metal pole, which Gafiga Prabhu o,' someone else important would steer. There was a small kirtana goirtg on all the time . Thq slowly started moving the few m,eters Jrom the truch to the bach door oJ Pattca-tattya's temple room. When thty got Hitn to the door, the tire popped!! I didn't re alize what had happened because I had gone to the roo.f to tahe photos. 1 wondered what was tahing them so long (one and a half hours), but later some one told me what had happened. when it was fixed, they pulled Him into t'he tcmple , then they Jound out that the doorway wasn't big enoughll fhis was a coincidence, because in South India they also had to breah the door down there to gtt Hin out. Tht reasoyt the door was too small was because Gaurafiga's qrtns are the only ones that areboth outstretched. Bharat Maharaja Prabhu, who built the temple, told everyone before the deities arrived that Gaurdiga had to be lowercd onto the cart sideways, and then He would be able to Jit through the door. That didn'thappen, so they had to hnoch the wa.ll down. Bharat wasn't very happy. Then believe it or not, dnother tire poppe dl ! They fixed" it again. Then we slowly made our way into thc temple. And iJ you have ever betn to Pafica-tattva's temple room, yoLt will hnow that at the bach there are steps going down into the temple room. so they had two planhs oJ wood a few feet dpa,rt from each other with lots oJ sandbags undemeath ancl in between them. Since the cart had no brahe systent-it'.s a steep ramp, by the way-they pulled the cart down a little and everyone was pushing andholding at the same time. one person on each side had brichs to pLLt quichly in front oJ the wheel. So they slowly made their way down. Meanwhile, I'm tahinglots oJ photos. Once they were down, they quichly made lheir \yay across the temple room J7oor. some little Bengali hids had put a trail oJ JTowers in Jront of the cart. I didn't see what happened, but my mother told me that one of worhers unhnowingly pulled thc cloth covering Lord Caitanya's face off Suddenly they saw this incredibly beatttifttl, amazing golden face, with huge long eyes. She said she gasped to see His btctuty, and a few deyotee s yelled, " Gauraiga! " Rtalizitrg he had done something wrong, the worher quichly covered His face again. They had to get the cat't up onto the altar, so


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