Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

"Prerious (.(rgo'

there was another ramp at this end oJ the same typt, but much, much, much steeper, since the oltor was so high. They had a chain pulley which they somehow attached to the cart. They had devotees pushing, and usittg the brichs again-while all the time some one was using the pulley system to help get the cctrt up the ramp. There were so many elevotees t'here. When they finally reachtd the altar, they wrapped around Lord Caitanya's chest a thich plastic thing that was part oJ the pulley attachr:d ttt the ceiling. Just then, my csmerabatteries ran out, and as you can imagine , I was Juriou.s. Slowly, they started pulling Him up, and as He was going up His base hit the marble edge and it chipped. Ramadtvi told us earlier that the ceil- ing was only three or four inches thich and the pulley was attached to it, holding the Jull weight oJ Lord Caitanya. So we were really worriecl. As soon as He went up, eyeryone yelled'HARIBOLI t." Everyone was really so happl, and exhausted. It was 7:39pm when they were done. It hld taleen 7 hours and 38 minutes to put Gaurafiga up. HopeJully, tomorrow they will have the new crane thty said they were gettitlg, so it will be faster putting the other deities up. JAI'A JAYA SRf GAURACANDRA!l I lva,s so exhausted. I hadn't eaten the whole day, but I was starving and I was extremely hoppy that Panca-tattva had finally corne because they had been talhing about it Jor ages and I wanted to be there-and I was, yahoo!!! Their journey began in Kumbakonam in South India, where Their forms became manifest uncler the expert hands o[ Devasenapathy Stapathy's sons, Radhakrishna, Srikanda, and Swaminatha. The family traces its lineage back to the era of King Chola-1500 years, or 300 generations. The king rulecl over the Tanjore district, and placed great importance on art, tnusic, architecture, and sculpture. When the kirig clesired to build a temple, he brought families of sthapatis (deity carvers) from the north of India. The ternple, which took 30 years to build and is still standing today, was the biggest ternple in the world at the tirne. Its tower was constructed from a single stone, weighing in at 80 tonnes and covering the entire temple, sheltering tl-re temple so that the shadow of the temple proper never touches the ground. After the temple was completed, the sthapatis remained, and still today they rnake up the village of Swamimalai, where Devaseuapathy and his sons are from' zl

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