Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

EiSlrlcrx Dn_ys - Sri Pcncn -tqttla's Mn1<ipur-lilri

while all around tl-re sky was black and rain fell continuous]y." Not conrent with simply relaying this modern miracle to rhe devotees back in Maydpur, Gangi went in search o[ more evidence that the area was erctually being protected. "We got in a car and drove arvay frour the work yard. ancl when we reached a one kilometer dis- tance, we reached the rain. We drove around in different directions, and always the rain was one kilometer from where the casting was taking place. The entire area was protected for a one kilometer radius." Work continued day and night, 24 hours, When it was suggested thar outside help be brought in to speed things up, the workers reflnsed: no one else was going to work on these deities but them! They increased their workload. Radhakrishna says that without Bhagavatirnrta pushing, the deities would never have been finished in time. Although the work was going on, Bhigavatimrra came daily, pushing harder ancl harder, encouraging everyone to work flaster and faster, rerninding them that time was running out. He was the main force behind Sri Panca-tattva arriving in Miyapur on time, and as that smiling driver, Mr-rrugeshan, pulled into rhe temple compound and readied the truck for unloading, no one could have known what they were in for. Bhigavatimrta Dasa was anxious to share the excitement witlr devotees worldwide His emails, sent hurriedly frorn South India, managed ro caprure rhe mood that was prevalent as the deities prepared to leave for Mdyapur. "This is Bhagavatdmrta Disa atrd I am in Kumbakonam yetra rigl-lt now. I anr writing to yotl to give the latcst or.r the "quintuple ts"; tl-rc 5-tattva. Bharata and Pitdmbara arc set to leave in a lew hours from here to Madras. w'here they will lly back to Maydpur. Toclay is tlre 24th ancl by tomonow the deitics vvill be completecl... The truck is com- ing on tl.re 26th, and wc will start loadirrg Thcir Lordships. I'm also getting a Tara truck 407 flatbed so clevotces can comc rvith us throughout the trip. So far without cvcn asking anybody wc have around 20 devotces confirrned... But the nectar does not stop there- As o[ now a lot ol devotees arc Lhrowing around fine idcas to comple- tlrcnt this historical trip. Right now SanAtana Krsna Dasa is trying to ger nrotorcycle policc'men to accolnpany us on the trip. t{ow- I don't know, but it seems that this trip is ge(ting a life of its own. I anr just sitting here enjoying the ride o[a lifetimc...


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