Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

"Prrcious Cargo"

Mcanwhilc I wirrrl to make sure you understand that the deities are moving ou the 26tlr cvening or 2Tth morning latest. You can take that to the bank. Thcre will bc reccption on thc 26th mrlrning with vote o[ thanks from us to the rr',orkers ancl thc .sth.1pdtis, pujri ceremonics ctc... and offwe will go...

Bhagavatdrnrta's sense oI excitement was contagious: Miynpur residents anxiously awaited the arrival ol the truck. Meanwhile, he found a way to send yet another email from on the road, and the message was loud and clear: Hcaclline : ATTENTION DEVOTEES OF THE LORD! PANCA-TATTVA HAS MOVED... I REPEAT-PANCA.IATTVA HAS MOVED!!! KUMBAKCINAM, SWAMIMAI-AI: TodayJanuary 31. appearancc oI Sri Riminuja Acarya, 5-tattva has lel-t Kurrbakonanl, clestination: Srldhama MAyapur! After rnuch pri.jri ancl puri[icatory ritr-rals typical of South lndia, the truc]< from South Eastcrn Transporr, loadecl with Lhe biggest deities in the world, passed tl.rrough the dernol- ished gatcs oI the sthapatis l)evascnan. The gate has to be denrolishccl to urakc way [or the lorry to pass through. Dcvotees will be accornpanying Tl-reir Lordships to Mayipur in a sruilirlana va n with Srila Prabhupida chanting all the way "Wc want to ['ccl Srila Prabhupacla always during this trip" conrmented Sritnan Bhagavatirnrta Ddsa, co-coor- dinaror o[ rhe trip. He addcd: "l think Srila Prabhupada rvould like to take this trip hirnsel[. " Anyway.. see you all in Mayapur...

BhagavatArnrta Dasa

Transflerring the cleities from the truck into the temple itself would prove to be anorher obstacle that lasted several days. Along for the ride was Ravi Chandra, the Chief Engineer in charge of the work, whose job it was to see that the Deities were taken care o[ prope rly and unloaded without any damage. This had caused solne headaches among the team in Mdydpur. Gangi Ddsa had researched the loading and unloading ol the cleities prior to departure from South India, alld several com- panies from arouncl India had been approached and asked to qlrote on the.iob' None o[ rhem came up to the mark. "Let's just say their methods left a little to be desired," said Gang6. "They talked o[ ropes, of pushing with machinery with sticks, everything. It was scary!" So the job was left in the capable-and in the end, darnaged-hands oI Ravi Chandra. When Lord Nityananda was being worked


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