Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

I:i.gfi I(.(tr I)a.rs - Sri I,crirc-l.tIIvd's NrrIlrpuI-Iil.i

-still we wer-e u.sir1.g .surh d small amolLrlt (rJ paint at a time that i.t would inct,itably hardu het'ore we could us( il Ltp, so Sarvyasatl, who was an absolute Godsend dur- ing this tintt, cantr up with thc idea oJ usirtg a s.vringe. Ht tyould talzc the paint inlo tht syringe first, t'hen taht up the l"rartlentr, (tt a ratio oJ I to 4. It was a great solu- liort-I'd accidentally let a drop oJ hardtncr Jall into thc paint tin and it stt lilte jelly in five minutes. Wc also had to cban thr br"uslrcs constantly, tvtry Jetu minute s, sincc tht paint harclened quichly on such u small space.. It wct-s a rathe r inle,lse atmosphtre-wdd worh during ilte night .front when the te m- plt tvtrs rloscd, through to rnangala-arati. It lvas thc only timc wc t-tttild get the pcrinting done v'ithotu br:ing disLw'bed. lt rrquires intcnse roncurtralion, and il was actuall.y cxhausting. Tht paint i-s highl.y irrloxicating, tan mahr you vrry siclz, and Itrclvc.s you with a sovage htadcrchc. The rr: shoul cl rdly bc a strong brrczc ltlowing, whirh pr(sents its own probltms wlten ycttirc painting, cnd bt,sirft'.s, thcrc is no vcn- tilaliott in the altcu' rctom. The paint also bwttcd whcn il touchcel the shirr. 5o, I clort'l tlrirrlr l'had thc"glamour.job' oJ thr Jcstivttl, b), ,ury -srr-ctchl Tht threc of us tlctmbcring over scaJfolding, ttnntd with ,s.1,riages, haf .:nloxiccrtccl J'rtnn the painL .|wncs, ntust have pre scnttcl an alarming picturt to lhc octasionril GBC ntember who wanclcrcd in! Finallll il was the last nighl, wr: had worltcd harcl cutd fitrishcd cyc,'yt,ring btL- lht t'ytr.s. Wc went h<tme to bathc and changc, ctntl I was bark at |he knrplc lty 7ptm. Kanla and Sarvyasacl wcrc eilready lht:rc. I ojlrrcd my olteisant't:s ctnd prtt.yed.for thr Lord to allow me to help Him maniJtst. At tllal motnrnt, thc kirtana starle d trp. BB Govindcr, Sivaranta, and ltirafijarra 5r+,anri-s all looh ILtrns to lrad. Thc l<irtana lr.eptbuildingup andJallingso tcstaticall.y-, that by rhc rirnc I wa.s wc/l inro painting thr: clcitic.s' tyes I was almosl dancitg cnd.flouting of.f tfu altar. Ttt rn_y surpri.se, lftc painting rvd-s so unbeliuably easy that wc wrrc.finis'hrd hy 2am-lht'kirtana had betn so buutiJul it hacl laleut aruay all m1, .furrs oJ'not being ublt: to clo a good job. Thc rrext day I ashedJuranivasa Prabhu ttt chcch thc painting so I could do any cor- rccf iotts that afternoon. That rrighl was lhc nctra-unrnilinam ctrcn"ton.y, the oytening


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