Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Ei.ghtern Days - Sri Puicu-t(rryil's


thing sets the Bengalis apart with that traditional, rnelodic way they have. Devorees are saying that they come here to enjoy MAyiptrr htrtanas, and it's easy to see wlry.

Frid.ay February 20, 2004

To be honest, I'rn relievecl to be sitting here typing this, ancl away from the crowds...somehow or other, b,n- train, bus, taxi, or whatever other form o[ transport exists, the population o[ Mavapur seemed to triple last night, and at the morning program there rnust have been over two thousand people. I haven't seen the tem- ple room that packed since Garura-prlrnima last year. And rumor has it that it's going to grow again today by the same amoltnt. Rasaranl - It's the inauguration o.l" thc lcstival today. Instead of doing it in Jront of Garuda it the courtyard of the temple , tht:y did it in the parh inJront of the -steps to the Lotus Building, where they bathe thc cleities on Gau,ra-pirnima. They brought out a really nicr deity oJ Garuda. I stood up on the stairs loolzittg down at every- thing.It was really crov,ded down thcrt. I was glacl to be on the stairs. Jayapataha Maharaja did arati to Srila Prabhupatla und Garuda. Sorne brahmacari s tied JTower petals inside the flag. Then Jayapcttaka Mcfiaraja pulled the string to pull the flag up. Up, Ltp, Ltp the Jlag went. When it reachetl thc top, they hacl to jiggle it arotmtl to get the flqg to open up. My ca,tlera i.s too .slow, so I only got the last Jew petals Jalling out. A sequinned Garudct rvas on the flag. Then all the Ma'harajas ancl Srrla Prabltupada disciples got o co(onut with cantphor on it. They lit tht camphor utd olfered the coconut to the flag, then t'hrew them on o stotlt and crachecl them open. Lokanatha Maharaja lecl a really good kirtana. There was a TV group mahing cr video oJ it all. There was sotne bree ze .so the flag ruas Jlyrng abit. The flctg reaches up to the second floor of the Lotus Building. Garuda hi jaya! I was just on the altar again with the Paflca-tattva: Bhakta Gana has finished paint- ing Their eyes, and, well, what can I say... there's nothing to describe these deities. They are all very unique in Their personalities and leatures, not simply five deities


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