Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Be fiind Closrd Doors

who were'made' in South lndia. They are appearing little by little physically, but on other levels we are leeling Their presence in full. Rasaranl - Tara and I were walhing up to the sewing room, and when we passed the door to Panca-tattva's altar the door wGS open a bit, so we loohed inside . There was no one there exctpt Manjumedha's mother, Ke5avi MatAfi. We weren't sure whether wc should go in or not, but we just dtcided to do it. We quichly slid inside and sat down in the comet'. The eyes are done now, and they loolzed so beautiful. KeSavl MAm,jI was trying some of the new outfits on, so we sat and watched. She had just .finishedputtingonthc clhotis of anic'e,all-bluc sellvilh t'hiclt gold jarTworhonit. Shc ashed trs iJ wc could try Srlvdsa's chadar on. Wa wcrt so surprised and happy, anel in'tmediately said, "yES1" But we had littlt idea how hard it woulcl be to do it. First oJ all, wt had to get it up and ovil his haad, tvhich was really difJ'icult because hc i.s .so big and tall, I had to get up on GatlAdhara's platform, stand on my tip-toes and stretch way ()vtr in rtrder to throw the chadar over to Tara. The ncxt problent was tl"tat his arms (wilrl hi.s hands folded in prayer) are only aborfitwoinches away.from hischest, andtht jarlwor'ltwasaLleasttwoandahaf inchcs thich, or nrore . So we had to bunch up the chadar and try Lo squeeze it through. We hqd lo pull and pull, and it still wouldn't go through. Tara got her side through Jirst, and then she came ancl hclped mt. AJter two or threc minutes tugging together we managed to get n"Ly side down. It tooh about seven or eight minutes all together. I wanted to help put Lord Nityananda's chadar on, but by the time we .fin- ished Srivasa, KeSavl was alrtacly donc. Srt rua sot down and.iust loolted at the deities. Maryu's ntum aslztd us if we coulcl pich ttp all the pins on the J7oor. There we,'e so many! Wa wert stichingthem in a pin cushion when Nrsirirha Kavaca and Jananivasa Prabhus camc in with some water pots and said thty were going to do a tcst ablriseka to see how the water flowed. Thcy gave Tara and I some long satks with sand insidc and told Lts to put them ttn the Jloor so the water would not go everywhere . The sachs wer-c so 'heavy that it tooh both oJ us to carry one oJ them and even then it was slow.


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