Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


Duys - Sri Paricn-l.rtf1,flrs


gas. There They stood with outstretched golden lirnbs, beckoning all onlookers the Supremes have finally come! Stancling at the back of the temple, one coulcl view a packed htrtana hall of over 5,000 clevotees, where the sounds of Haribol, Haribol, Gaurdhga, Gaurdtga, shook the atmosphere. Many lorgot ro pay rheir obeisances as they came into the tenlple due to the captivating snrroundings. HHJayapataka Swami, who was on the altar at the time, peekecl through rhe cur- tains to see the devotees' faces, and as he opened them. he saw a sea of shocked expressions and open rnouths, a memory of a lifetime. "When I opened the cur- tains, it was almost like an electric wave that swept back arrcl forth across the audience". Many hacl tears in the eyes. A common fleeling was, "Nothing will stop this movement now." It was almost a like an overwhelming sense of victory, a feeling of pride to be part o{ a mission that will change the world despite any shortcomings of the past. HH Bhakti-tirtha Swami remarked, "ISKCON will never be the same". One could only imagine how pleasecl Srlla Prabhupida is to have his desire o[ ]ife-size deities oI the Lorcls now available to clirect the society. ln hind- sight, all one can do ls replay that 'magic appearance mornent'within the rnind again and again. They have come ancl now things will go forward. It was a clarshan of unforgettable reassurance. As described by HH Jayapataka Swami, "The installation is not something that you could see with your eyes, it is an experience o[ the heart which is immecliate". Never has there been such ldrtana and clarshan like this, bringing newcomers in such close contact with the descent of the Lord. SrI Paflca-tattva are giving us access to all other forms o[ Kflqa. Their presence creates a rnost neecled "insurance policy o[ progression". Looking around the room we could see such stalwarts as HH Inclradyumna Swami standing on the stage dumbstruck, with hands folcled, staring at Their Lordships. Many other senior devotees were also motionless. I noticed Bhakti Caitanya Swami leaning heavily on his danda as though intoxicated. Bhrgupati Prabhu, the commander of book clistribution, remarked, "lncredible, just incredible!"


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