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though, that whenever you bring in an outside party, it’s a potential failure point for your cybersecurity. It’s vital to vet them properly and ensure they practice what they preach. 2FA can’t be the beginning and end of your cybersecurity strategy, but consider it a large first step toward protecting your

A survey by Paychex recently found that 68 percent of small business leaders remain unworried about their digital security. If you need proof, you can just look at the passwords they and their employees use. According to SecureAuth, a staggering 81 percent of Americans use the same passwords for multiple accounts, the majority of which are unimaginative old standbys like “1234567,” “qwerty,” and “password.”

already used 2FA, but many other forms exist. When logging into your email, Google can send an alert to your phone that includes a login number, which you type on your PC to gain access to your account. Banks often couple passwords with one of your security question. Whatever the tactic, it’s much sturdier than your average password. It’s still not foolproof, but it’s an excellent first-line defense against hackers. However, implementing 2FA into your own business isn’t the easiest proposition. You’ll either need to create a custom solution — a big headache that may not be worth it for

These trends,compounded by the fact that passwords generally aren’t very airtight,turn the typical login and password combination into a paper shield for hackers.Even stronger passwords that include multiple uppercase and lowercase letters,numbers,and other characters often only take a few hours to crack with an advanced brute- force tool.Once they’re cracked,they’re often posted on the darknet or sold to the highest bidder. Here’s where two-factor authentication (2FA) comes in. 2FA forces users to input more than one field of identification to access their account. If you’ve ever used your PIN at an ATM, you’ve

livelihood. Trust us —when the digital wolves come knocking at your door, you’ll be glad you installed the door in the first place.

your small business — or hire a technical company suited for the job. This doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s worth noting,


Having managerial support and buy-in for 5S is key to sustaining it. Teams need to see that their

leaders are making 5S a priority in the workplace, otherwise they’ll have no incentive to sustain it, and the day’s tasks will take over as the benefits of 5S are forgotten.

a green card,or signal that it’s time to get back to 5S with an orange card,along with a reminder about the fifth S—Sustain. Instead of giving out gold stars or slaps on the wrist,the management walk card system is an encouraging way to keep the conversation going and let your team know that 5S is the standard at your warehouse or plant. Remember, 5S isn’t an instant cure. It’s an ongoing process of continuous improvement that depends on team buy-in to increase productivity. Encourage buy-in — and sustainability —with management walk cards.

Management walk cards are either green or orange, and each color signals to a team member that their efforts are being praised or that there’s room for improvement. Green walk cards are placed when an employee is maintaining 5S standards. They have markable boxes to correspond with each principle of 5S, such as “Area is free of clutter” and “Tools all have homes and addresses.” An orange walk card tells a team member that they have room for improvement, with boxes next to messages, like “Area is cluttered or messy” and “Contaminants present.” With a sticky back,management walk cards can be left wherever a teammember will be most likely to see them.Give recognition to 5S efforts by leaving

One of the best ways to demonstrate how 5S is a priority in your warehouse is to use visual cues to signify to your team that

you recognize their efforts in sustaining 5S. One of the visual cues that accomplishes this goal is management walk cards. When management is on the floor making their rounds and they see 5S in action, they leave a walk card — a 3x5 card outlining the principles of 5S that are being actively followed. This is a visual cue that tells the team member their manager has noticed the actions they’re taking to sustain 5S.

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