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By Adam Rosen, SEBCO Laundry Systems SEBCO Laundry Systems steps into the 21st century!

at Syracuse Univers i ty (Go Orange- men!!!) and I’ve been in sales my en- tire profes- sional life. However, I f ound suc - # of pages: To: Sect: Fax: To: I

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come from a family of salespeople. I studied business and psychology

more though and I want to make a bigger difference, not just in the lives of my clients— the multi-family owners and property managers— but in the lives of their residents. I needed to be part of a com- pany that would allow me to do this, a company that really cared about what they did and took pride in the service they offered, a company that was able to deliver on the service that I was selling and a com- pany that was able to adapt to the times. It was on this quest that I found Sebco Laundry Systems . Sebco Laundry Systems is

a privately run family organi- zation that really cares about helping and assisting their customers. It was here that I was finally able to make a difference in the lives of multi-family property owners, developers, operators and the millions of residents in the Metro-NY area. Property man- agement companies in this market are constantly looking for ways to make their product more desirable to drive better residents to their buildings. Offering world class amenities has become a huge factor in attracting the best residents. More and more people are

finding convenient solutions for their life with Uber, Lyft, Via, StreetEasy, Fresh Direct, Seamless, etc. This is what my generation and the generation below me want. Convenience! Everything accessible at the tips of our fingers. SEBCO realized this in a huge way and stepped up and introduced MyMagicPass as the solution. No more lugging all your laun- dry downstairs to the laundry room, just to see that all the machines are taken. Get a notification when the washer you want becomes available and reserve the machine so when you get there its waiting NJPA Real Es ate Journal Phone # 800-584-1062 Fax # 781-871-5299

for you. Most importantly, get a notification when your laun- dry is complete. There was an old way of doing things. Now there is a new way for our cur- rent times. Multi-family developers, operators, condos and coops are always looking to attract the best residents to their buildings with amenities. Bring your old laundry room into the 21st century. Give your residents a true amenity that will make their lives more convenient. SEBCO Laundry Systems is the laundry room operator of the future. I am proud to be making a differ- ence in peoples lives. AdamRosen is a sales ex- ecutive at Sebco Laundry Systems . n Comm’l mortgage special servicers prepare for loan maturities Commercial special ser- vicers, the entities that re- solve underperforming and nonperforming commercial mortgage loans, will be see- ing an uptick in their port- folios as a large number of pre-2009 loans in commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions reach maturity. Morningstar Credit Rat- ings, LLC expects $52.42 billion in CMBS loans to mature for the rest of 2016 and another $99.47 billion in 2017, based on the March 2016 remittance data, the most recent available, and it will become more difficult for many of these loans to be refinanced because of rosy underwriting assump- tions made at issuance. The uptick in special-servicing activity follows several years of low portfolio volumes as loan delinquencies dropped. Because of this, special ser- vicers have had to trim their operations while maintain- ing their asset-management capabilities. Despite these changes, Morningstar-ranked special servicers, when viewed as a whole, should be suitably positioned, with some no doubt better positioned than others, to handle higher volumes of maturing CMBS loans unable to refinance and retain the necessary internal controls and technology to do so in a sound, risk-averse manner. n


Adam Rosen

cess not in pitching and tech- nique, but in listening. I listen for what my client’s business problem is. What can we do to solve that problem for them? I always wanted to provide

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