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By Dan Schauble and Rachel McCaffery, Advantage Engineers Bringing creative engineering solutions to complex sites


tage completes all required phases of investigation and then uses the data gathered to

It is during the development of the remedial action approach that Advantage Engineers’ unique and creative abilities to tackle remediation challenges becomes readily apparent to our clients. Advantage explores all potential solutions for im- pacted soils including, but not limited to, onsite consolida- tion and capping, engineering and institutional controls, in situ treatment of impacted areas, and off-site disposal if necessary. In addition, our geo- technical and environmental engineers work alongside the site civil designers and other project stakeholders to explore

potential foundation types, site grading scenarios, and con- struction staging practices that will allow for the maximum quantity of soil to remain on the site. Advantage’s permit- ting and ecological specialists advise the team on strategies to avoid critical habitats, wet- land areas, and other potential permitting issues. During this phase of the project, Advan- tage’s project remediation expert guides the decision- making process by advising on his/her intimate knowledge of the latest remediation strate- gies and technologies within the context of the applicable

regulatory requirements. Advantage Engineers’ mis- sion on every development site is the identification and implementation of creative geotechnical and environmen- tal solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, while streamlining the regulatory approval process, and achiev- ing a site outcome that meets the needs of all project stake- holders. Dan Schauble is the Divi- sion Director, Geotechnical and Rachel McCaffery is the Division Director, En- vironmental at Advantage Engineers. n

dvantage Engineers ’ team of environmen- tal and geotechnical

develop a re- medial action approach, if deemed nec- essary. Ad- v a n t a g e ’ s professionals have experi- ence working with regula-

experts have extensive ex- perience sup- porting our clients with site develop- ment projects throughout the Mid-At- lantic. Each

Dan Schauble

Rachel McCaffery

tors throughout the Mid-At- lantic, and routinely work as a teamwith our clients and regu- lators to develop cost-effective, reasonable solutions based on proposed site uses.

site has its own unique history, including some with legacy environmental issues that re- quire assessment and engi- neered remediation solutions to be incorporated into the design. Advantage’s success in tackling complicated redevelopment projects is rooted in two of our core values: knowledge and creativity. Advantage begins each new project with a focus on under- standing our client’s vision and key drivers for project success. We then engage a team of ex- perts to analyze existing site conditions, which may include our in-house environmental en- gineers and scientists for their expertise in site characteriza- tion, remediation, hazardous materials assessment, and ecology. Our teams of knowl- edgeable professionals have extensive experience negotiat- ing the challenging regulatory atmosphere and have become well-known by our clients for a holistic approach towards site investigation and remediation, with site usability as the key objective. The Advantage team simultaneously strives to find creative engineering solutions while reducing client risk, meeting the project schedule, and minimizing project costs. Sites that require a creative development approach include properties that were formerly used for agriculture. Due dili- gence investigations for these properties often indicate the presence of metals, pesticides, and other regulated substances that were previously used on the site for agricultural purposes. In some cases, the extent of impact is minimal and can be addressed with a surgical removal action dur- ing construction. When the impact to surface soils is more widespread, additional assess- ments are necessary, including delineation of the extent of soil contamination, potential evalu- ation of impact to groundwater, and assessments of natural background contaminant lev- els. On these sites, Advan-

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geotechnical, environmental, construction observation & materials testing

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