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SEPT 2018

We Help You With Medicare.



W hen I was growing up, mixed emotions getting back together with my classmates and being another grade older and bigger. Forestburg (South Dakota) Unified School District was small enough that grades 1–8 were combined, with two grades per teacher. First and second, third and fourth, and so on. So while one grade was receiving instruction in their appointed subject, the other half of the room was supposed to be studying. Right. After reading my history assignment, which I enjoyed, I would often blow off my math and science assignments and get a World Book Encyclopedia from the back of the room and immerse myself in reading about the people, places, and events that interested me more. I may have learned more science from the encyclopedia than from science class! That curiosity has served me well through the years, although Kathy wishes I would read the books I already have before buying any more. may be destroying the world, but it sure makes it easy to buy more books! Even though birthdays keep sneaking up on me, I’m still learning, and easily the greatest learning experience I’ve had in recent years has been running my own business. I learned the ins and outs of the Medicare system in depth while working for SCAN Healthplan, but learning to run my own agency and business in the last four years has been quite the stretching experience in and of itself. My appreciation has really grown for anyone who takes the risk to strike out on their own to build their own business. Ironically, as an agency that sells insurance, Lyndon Thomas Insurance purchases four insurance policies to cover our activities. Business liability coverage is required by my landlord. Errors and omissions insurance is required by the companies with which I contract. Data and cyber- security insurance is just a good idea these days. And accompanied returning to school in the fall. More summer vacation is what I would have really liked, but at the same time, I enjoyed

workers’ compensation is required by the state. Things seem to be getting more complex and expensive!

From filing for a business license, paying rent, and making payroll to finding ways to get my name out there (including this very newsletter), I’ve built my agency through hard work, trial, and error. While it’s quite less than perfect, I’ve tried to keep an open mind and have learned a great deal along the way, improving as a business owner. Hiring staff and moving to a better customer-relations management software are current projects we are working on to better serve our clients. From time to time, I meet with Medicare beneficiaries whose coverage is already the best it can currently be, and I’m happy to tell them, “Your coverage is already what I would recommend, so we’re not going to do business at this time. Let’s review your coverage in a year or two from now and see if anything has changed.” In this issue, we provide guidance on the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP, Oct. 15 through Dec. 7) and the new Open Enrollment Period (OEP, Jan. 1 through March 31). Hey! We help you learn the acronyms of Medicare! For those enrolled in a Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan, be looking for your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) to arrive in the next 2–3 weeks. This will highlight any changes in your current plan for 2019. Helping people with Medicare is what we do, and we love doing it. Whether assisting people with making the transition at 65 or retirement to providing guidance during the Annual Enrollment Period, our first goal is to help our clients understand Medicare better so they can make the best decision for their situation. For a personal benefits review or to attend an upcoming AEP sales meeting, call our office or visit our website after Oct. 1. We get excited about helping you with Medicare!

–Lyn Thomas


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