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I want to introduce you to a few people I admire and respect, and who inspire me in life and business. Meet Donald Taffurelli, Mark Krieger, and Nicole Christensen — three people who strive to make a difference both in their communities and in the world at large. DONALD TAFFURELLI OF TRUTH ALONE This March, Donald Taffurelli helped launch a new clothing brand, Truth Alone. But it’s no ordinary brand. Rather, Truth Alone is centered on sustainability — a business practice that has gained a lot of traction in recent years, particularly among independent brands. Donald and his business partner came out of the conventional fashion industry, where they developed private brands for globally-recognized companies. It was through their decades of experience that Truth Alone was born. They witnessed a blatant disregard for resources and poor labor practices. As Donald puts it, “The industry is in a race to the bottom.” They made it their mission to not only develop a mindful fashion brand, but also to use the brand as a springboard for education. They approach business with a sense of radical transparency. You, the consumer, know the full truth about their products, from the raw materials and the labor to the point of sale. Donald has cultivated positive relationships with suppliers in Central and South America. Everyone involved, from start to finish, benefits from the work of Truth Alone. The worker in Peru benefits right alongside the consumer in New York. Above all, Truth Alone is part of a greater conversation on sustainability, arguing that sustainability is for everyone. And it should stay well within reach of the everyday consumer. As consumers become more aware of the importance of sustainability through education, their buying power becomes leverage for change. Poor business practices can fade into history, where they belong. It’s a win-win for many people on a local and global scale. MARK KRIEGER OF BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES GEMACH 3 PEOPLE

However, the idea behind Beautiful Memories is more than offering clothes to the community. Mark set out to create an environment that is safe and accessible. This is one of the reasons why Beautiful Memories is open by appointment only. Everyone who comes to the gemach has the utmost privacy — not to mention personalized attention, should they desire it. In establishing Beautiful Memories, Mark was inspired by his mother. She was known for the good deeds she did for others, including people she didn’t know. She was there for neighbors, family members, and acquaintances alike. The example set by his mother of giving back for the sake of giving back stuck with Mark. That’s why the gemach is here for anyone who may need a little extra help, whether they have special needs, are going through financial straits, or are simply in a tough situation. The reason doesn’t matter. “People tell me, ‘You treat us like family!’” Mark says. “I say, ‘You are family.’” NICOLE CHRISTENSEN OF CARE ANSWERED Patient advocacy means everything to Nicole Christensen. This was the impetus behind Care Answered, her organization dedicated to health care coordination and advocacy. “Patient advocacy, in many ways, is letting loved ones be loved ones,” she says. Navigating the health care system can be a monumental challenge. The process of figuring out what to do next takes people away from their families. Part of that challenge is finding the best care for the patient. Every patient is different, just as every family is different. People may end up receiving subpar care simply because they can’t find the right care to fit their needs, or they get lost in the maze of the system and give up. Nicole started as an advocate for seniors in Washington, D.C. There was one question that weighed on her mind: “What happens next for older adults?” She saw people struggle with coordinating their care and ultimately fall through the cracks. It was something that affected her personally. She had seen family members suffer from the lack of this coordination. But unlike many others, her relatives were not overlooked — because, as she says, “They had me.” One major concern that Care Answered tackles is that of work-life balance. Many people work full time while trying to ensure that a loved one receives the best care. An individual may be spending all their free time searching for the right assistance, or they may be serving as a caregiver themselves. It’s such a concern for the simple reason that a large portion of our population is aging into retirement and beyond. In the coming years and decades, many of our loved ones are going to need care, if they don’t already. Through Care Answered, Nicole works with many local businesses to provide a lunch program. They also help educate people on the best ways to advocate for themselves and for their loved ones. She shares invaluable resources so people can focus on their work and hobbies and spend less time worrying about what happens next. Who Are Making a World of Difference

Beautiful Memories Gemach, founded by Mark and Dr. Beth Krieger, is a charity devoted to bringing high-quality clothing to those less fortunate. They gather

lightly used and unworn clothing from many of the wealthiest neighborhoods and help find them

new homes. In most cases, the people who come to the gemach can select clothing at no cost. Any money that is raised goes to Young Israel of New Hyde Park. On their shelves and among their racks, you’ll find thousands of articles of high-end clothing for all occasions, from formal business wear to elegant options for weddings and proms. You’ll see suits, gowns, shoes, and everything in between. 2

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