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How You Made a Difference Last Year


Thank you, once again, for the incredible support for Love Law Firm’s fundraiser, which helped raise over $2,000 for a family in need last year. This money went toward groceries, medical copays, new shoes and winter boots, and clothing for the entire family — not to mention art supplies for the daughter, games for the son, and a number of books. On top of the donations for this family in need, additional donations helped establish a small emergency fund. Two more families received assistance with small cash donations to help with food purchases and medical needs. Here’s what the family of four had to say: “The kids squealed when they opened stuff. It all fits great. My son is so excited to wear his new clothes and shoes to school! He was very happy with all of his gifts, and he said to send big squishy hugs for it all.

use. She loves her boots and said they are so comfy that she never wants to take them off. She says everything fits and that she wants to tell everyone thank you so very much. “We are deeply appreciative and absolutely humbled. Thank you for putting it all together, and thanks to everyone for helping us. We were moved to tears over everyone’s generosity. It made a huge impact, and we will forever be grateful.” I want to thank each of you personally for believing in Love Law Firm and trusting me with your money to do some good in this world. I always think of that story of a little boy on the beach at low tide picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. An older man says to him, “The beach is full of starfish. You can never possibly help them all. Why do you continue?” The boy looks at the starfish he’s about to return to the water and says, “I’m making a difference for this one.”

“My daughter was blown away. She said she had hoped to get that particular art kit, because that’s what all the YouTube artists she watches

Thank you again. Together, we made a difference!


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