Baker Auction - Dec/Jan 2019/2020

Volume III

Keep That Top-of-Mind Momentum All Year Long

Many of you are probably familiar with the “seven touches” marketing principle. It’s the idea that it takes a business seven touches, or interactions, through social media or in person to get potential customers to answer a call to action. While your nonprofit is more than just a business, staying at the top of your supporters’ minds is essential to your organization’s continued success. However, many organizations don’t reach out to their supporters as much as they could. Some nonprofits and charities don’t think of themselves as businesses, many times rightfully so. But to get the most possible support for your cause, you have to think of your organization like a business. That said, support bases for charities and nonprofits differ from regular businesses in one crucial aspect: To some extent, supporters are all passionate about your mission. Why wouldn’t you constantly want to leverage that passion to garner as much financial support as you can for your cause? The more you stay in touch, the more you can fan the flames of their passion for your mission. With the holidays wrapping up, it’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for all the ways your supporters have helped your cause by calling them, sending them a personal thank-you card, or somehow letting them know you value their contributions. It’s an easy way to keep your organization in their minds through the new year and to get you in the habit of staying in touch throughout 2020. You should always touch base with your clients about how their money is being used at your organization. Say someone donates $2,000 to the Boys & Girls Club because they value the organization’s mission, and the administration team says the donation will go toward building a new playground at their facilities. How weird would it be if that donor never heard

back from the Boys & Girls Club about the construction of the playground? That’s definitely something they would like to hear some follow-up information about, and it’s another opportunity for the organization to keep in touch with their supporters. People love hearing that their money was put to good use. Do you send your supporters updates about how their donations are being used in your organization? While you should definitely take advantage of any opportunity to reach out to your supporters personally, even just maintaining an active social media presence can keep your organization in their minds. Done right, touching base with supporters can eventually become a natural process throughout the year. In a world where people and businesses have a finite amount of funds to give to charity, you shouldn’t pass up any opportunity to ensure their money goes to the people who need it the most. I don’t mean to knock anyone for falling short in any of this. That’s not what I want to do. But as someone who strives to create experiences that your supporters won’t soon forget, I think it’s worth mentioning that you can keep that top-of-mind momentum going all year round. It’s the best way to turn casual donors into lifelong supporters of your mission.

- Tyson Baker “It’s Sale Time”

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