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Keep That Top-of-Mind Momentum All Year Long

Many of you are probably familiar with the “seven touches” marketing principle. It’s the idea that it takes a business seven touches, or interactions, through social media or in person to get potential customers to answer a call to action. While your nonprofit is more than just a business, staying at the top of your supporters’ minds is essential to your organization’s continued success. However, many organizations don’t reach out to their supporters as much as they could. Some nonprofits and charities don’t think of themselves as businesses, many times rightfully so. But to get the most possible support for your cause, you have to think of your organization like a business. That said, support bases for charities and nonprofits differ from regular businesses in one crucial aspect: To some extent, supporters are all passionate about your mission. Why wouldn’t you constantly want to leverage that passion to garner as much financial support as you can for your cause? The more you stay in touch, the more you can fan the flames of their passion for your mission. With the holidays wrapping up, it’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for all the ways your supporters have helped your cause by calling them, sending them a personal thank-you card, or somehow letting them know you value their contributions. It’s an easy way to keep your organization in their minds through the new year and to get you in the habit of staying in touch throughout 2020. You should always touch base with your clients about how their money is being used at your organization. Say someone donates $2,000 to the Boys & Girls Club because they value the organization’s mission, and the administration team says the donation will go toward building a new playground at their facilities. How weird would it be if that donor never heard

back from the Boys & Girls Club about the construction of the playground? That’s definitely something they would like to hear some follow-up information about, and it’s another opportunity for the organization to keep in touch with their supporters. People love hearing that their money was put to good use. Do you send your supporters updates about how their donations are being used in your organization? While you should definitely take advantage of any opportunity to reach out to your supporters personally, even just maintaining an active social media presence can keep your organization in their minds. Done right, touching base with supporters can eventually become a natural process throughout the year. In a world where people and businesses have a finite amount of funds to give to charity, you shouldn’t pass up any opportunity to ensure their money goes to the people who need it the most. I don’t mean to knock anyone for falling short in any of this. That’s not what I want to do. But as someone who strives to create experiences that your supporters won’t soon forget, I think it’s worth mentioning that you can keep that top-of-mind momentum going all year round. It’s the best way to turn casual donors into lifelong supporters of your mission.

- Tyson Baker “It’s Sale Time”

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Keep Us in the Loop Every Step of the Way

3 Essential Tips for Using Facebook Live And Making Your Broadcast a Success

Anyone who’s worked with us before knows that we flip the auctioneering process on its head. If you’ve ever worked with another auctioneer before, know that working with us to put on your organization’s benefit auction will be a completely different experience. If the auctioneering process were a physical building and Baker Auction Company were a construction crew, we would be doing a lot more than minor renovations — we would level the building and tear up the foundations. That’s how much we change the process, which means constant communication with us prior to your event is 100% essential. We want your auction to be a roaring success, and if you invite us into the process, we will make sure that every little detail gets put in place so that can happen. One problem that I’ve run into, however, is that some organizations think they don’t need to communicate with us much since they’ve already been through the process. To be fair, this is a pretty reasonable misunderstanding. If we’ve worked with you before, why would we need the same levels of collaboration and communication as the first time? Well, the answer is this: To do the best job hosting your auction, we need to be keyed in on every detail, and details can vary year to year, no matter how similar this auction is to your last one. There are more than 7,000 diseases in the world that can be considered rare. Sometimes, only two children in an entire state have a certain disease. This means it’s very difficult for some families to get the medical support their children desperately need. That’s what Rays for Rare is all about. From taking care of simple household chores to connecting families with medically fragile children to each other, our mission is to make sure that these families and their children feel supported amidst incredibly challenging circumstances. Just like we want to inspire connection and collaboration among families, Rays for Rare is also all about collaborating with businesses and organizations who support our cause. When we learned about Baker Auction Company from another business partner of ours, we jumped at the opportunity because the auctioneer we had previously employed for the Sunshine Gala just wasn’t working out. Long story short, he was more “old- school,” whereas our progressive organization operates more like a tech A Genuine Care for Our Cause What I Loved About Working With Baker Auction Company

Facebook Live has been available to Facebook users for years now, but many business owners still haven’t taken advantage of this powerful customer engagement resource. Essentially, this technology gives users the ability to broadcast live from their Facebook account. For businesses, a gold mine of opportunity is opened to connect with customers and prospects in real time. Some companies utilize it for product launches, rebranding, general announcements, or directly engaging with potential customers. That said, a poorly executed broadcast can leave you with more issues than you started with. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to ensure your Facebook Live videos strengthen your marketing instead of weaken it.

1. Record for at least 10 minutes.

If you set out to broadcast for 45 seconds, your content isn’t going to reach anyone in your target audience. A good rule of thumb is to create enough content so that your event reaches at least 10 minutes. With an average broadcast time of 10 minutes, your audience will have more opportunity to see your content, and you’ll reach the highest number of people possible.

2. Prioritize good production quality.

You don’t need to be a professional videographer to develop quality video content, but a poor broadcast could damage your brand. For example, your viewers will be distracted if you use an unsteady camera, so invest in equipment to keep your broadcast steady, like a tripod. In addition, make sure your environment is completely quiet so your audience can focus on your content without hindrance. If you plan on having more than one person in the video, use microphones to ensure your audience can hear you. You could be alienating the audience you’re trying to engage by failing to respond to questions in the comment feed. Facebook Live isn’t just about broadcasting yourself; it’s also about communicating with your viewers directly to develop relationships with them. And as an added bonus, viewers’ comments can give you valuable feedback and consumer insights. It takes effort, but putting in the time to respond is well worth it to show you care about your audience’s opinions. These tips only scratch the surface of making your Facebook Live event a success, but they offer a good starting point. Before you dive in, know that Facebook’s platform changes periodically, so be sure to test Facebook Live on your personal page to familiarize yourself with the updated format. And to stay up to date on all of Facebook’s updates, check out their new newsroom at 3. Engage with the comment section.

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It’s Sale Time!

Upcoming Events at a Glance

1/25 Hugs for Brady (Somerset, New Jersey) 2/7 Lineman School Auction (Boise, Idaho) 2/8 Fraudville Gala (Florence, Oregon) 2/22 Jayden DeLuca Foundation (Boise, Idaho) 2/27 LIAA (Boise, Idaho) 2/29 Expedition Inspiration (Boise, Idaho)

The Festival of Trees 2019

(For more dates and detailed information, visit

Just like any auction we’ve helped you with previously, we’ll need to know all about the venue, the schedule, the donors, the audience, the auction items list, and any other important factors. Will constant communication require more work? Probably. Will it lead to a slam-dunk auction that your audience will love and look forward to next year? Absolutely! So, if your organization has worked with us before and wants to work with us again, let us in on what you’re planning every step of the way. We’ll make sure your auction is worthwhile. Give us a call at (208) 739-8750 or visit our Facebook page for more information.

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startup. To his credit, we still had relatively successful auctions when we worked with him, but Baker Auction Company took it to another level. Tyson and his team exceeded our expectations. Not only did they run the auction, but they consulted with us about the gala all throughout the planning process. They helped us put together desirable gift packages to auction off, and they even advertised our event on their online platforms. That being said, I think what most impressed me about Tyson was that he started by asking, “How can I help?” I could tell that he genuinely cared about helping our cause.

I would highly recommend Baker Auction Company to anyone looking for someone to host and prepare their next benefit auction. Tyson and his team bring so much to the table, and because of their help, dozens of families and their children will get the help they need too.




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Happy Birthday, Mickey!

How Much Do You Know About This Famous Mouse? It’s true what they say: Everything gets better with age. For 91 years, Mickey has brought laughter and joy to both children and adults all over the world. November is Mickey Mouse’s birthday month, so let’s celebrate with these fun facts about our favorite cartoon mouse. First Cartoon Character to Speak Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to be given a voice. His first words, spoken by none other than Walt Disney himself, were “hot dog,” which soon became his catchphrase. Here’s an even more fun fact: The third person to ever voice Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine, eventually married the voice actor of Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor, after they met on the set of a Disney special. A Mouse by Any Other Name ... Walt Disney originally named the mouse “Mortimer,” but his wife suggested “Mickey.” Disney later introduced a character named Mortimer, who had little in common with Mickey besides a shared last name and romantic interest in Minnie Mouse.

A Disco-Dancing Fiend Mickey’s 1979 disco album, “Mickey Mouse Disco,” went double platinum in 1984, the first children’s album to do so. The album included disco versions of Disney songs as well as “Disney-fied” versions of popular disco hits. If you ever want to hear what all the hype was about, you can still find this album on iTunes. These are just some of many fun Mickey Mouse facts to develop over his legendary 91-year legacy. To celebrate Mickey’s birthday on Nov. 18, find your favorite Mickey Mouse movie and watch it with the whole family!

The Most Popular Write-In Candidate It’s true; Mickey is the most popular write-in

candidate during election season. As one Georgia election supervisor noted in 2012, “Mickey always gets votes. If he doesn’t get votes in our election, it’s a bad election.” But he’s not the only Disney character who gets unwavering support. According to a California election worker, “Donald Duck is a close second.” So, if you’re one of the many who believe Mickey Mouse would be an excellent U.S. president, you’re not alone.

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