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MAY 2018

THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT WOMEN IN MY LIFE Celebrating My Mom and My Wife This Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this seems like the perfect opportunity to recognize the two most important women in my life: my wife Emily and my mom. When I consider everything I’ve accomplished throughout my life, it’s clear that I wouldn’t have gone very far without their support and constant encouragement. As much as I’d like to claim sole credit for any success I’ve found so far, I’m sure that the two of them are to thank for the lion’s share of it. “She’s always been the perfect example When I was growing up, my mom was there for absolutely everything I ever needed. She was the go-to person in the family, eager to help us out in any way she could. Whenever we had a problem or concern, we could talk it out with her and know that we’d receive some sound reaching for whatever dreams you have for your life, and never getting bored.” of constant self- improvement, of

advice. What’s more, she’s been a lifelong learner for as long as I can remember, a big reader with a wide breadth of knowledge. When I headed off to high school, she took a job as a librarian at my old school, which, as you can imagine, was useful whenever I was wracking my brain to finish some complicated homework assignment. She’s always been the perfect example of constant self-improvement, of reaching for whatever dreams you have for your life, and never getting bored. When I reached high school and she had a little more time, she decided to go back to school to secure her bachelor’s degree in education, continuing on to get two master’s degrees, as well. Today, she’s a teacher — an incredible one, in fact — and she keeps busier than ever. She’s always engaged in some new project, dabbling in something random or knitting really cool afghans. Of course, I’d be in trouble if I talked about Mother’s Day without mentioning my wife, Emily. I’m amazed every day at the skill and wisdom she has with our kids. She really puts us all first, making sure the kids have their snacks, their activities are clearly planned out and accounted for, and everyone’s needs are met at every moment. I can tell you for sure that without her on my team, my life would be a serious mess.

The Kron Family

My Awesome Parents With My Son

Honestly, without both of these incredible women, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. Even though it’s basically impossible to express just how appreciative I am for both of their enormous contributions to my life, I’ll make sure to try my best this Mother’s Day. They mean the world to me, and I’m truly lucky to have them in my corner. -Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



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