The Co-operative Funeralcare - Your Guide to a Funeral


What to do when someone dies

What if you are unable to pay? If you think you will be unable to meet the costs of a funeral, you should discuss this with your funeral director. You may be eligible for help from the Social Fund (see below). Department of Works and Pensions Payments in respect of funeral expenses It may be possible that you are eligible for a grant towards the cost of a funeral. This amount will not meet the total cost of the final funeral account. The person who arranges the funeral will be advised by the DWP as to what the grant will be. To be eligible to claim this grant the person making the arrangements must be qualified to do so by meeting current Social Security requirements. It must be kept in mind that it is not the financial circumstances of the deceased which the Social Security will consider, it will be the financial circumstances and relationship of the person making the claim. Application forms are available at the Register and DWP offices. Anyone responsible for arranging a funeral who thinks they may be entitled to help from the Social Fund, should inform their funeral director. This allows them to


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