The Co-operative Funeralcare - Your Guide to a Funeral



indicate areas which are unlikely to be covered even by a successful DWP claim. It should be remembered that payment can only be authorised by the Adjudicating Officer at DWP who will decide the amount of payment. Insurance Many people have life insurance and when a person dies the insurance company should be advised as soon as possible. You will be asked to produce the policy, together with a Certified Copy of the MCCD (obtainable from the Register office). Some insurance companies have their own particular extract and you should advise the Registrar of the insurance company’s name in order that the correct certificate is prepared. One copy per company is required, immaterial of the number of policies. Photocopies of the document may be accepted by insurance companies. Once the insurance company is satisfied that the claim is valid, payment will be made. The time this takes will vary depending upon the complexities of the claim. War pensioners If the person who has died was a war pensioner a grant can be claimed for the cost of a simple funeral if: • The war pensioner died from the disablement for which he/she was receiving a pension; or • If receiving 80% war pension; • The war pensioner was entitled to constant attendance allowance. Claims should be made to: War Pensions Agencies, DWP, Norcross, Blackpool FY5 3YX. Further information on any of the above matters can be obtained from the local Department of Social Security office.


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