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Physical therapy goes beyond post-surgical care–restoring strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability to people who have been injured, are in pain, or have experienced an illness. Through therapeutic exercise, it is possible to have your function restored and live a life that is pain-free. The goal of any exercise program is to leave you feeling healthier and stronger thanwhenyoubegan.Therapeuticexercisehassimilargoalsbut incorporates a wide range of activities that help you regain or maintain your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, or stability. Whether you have been injured, experienced an illness, or are simply noticing you are losingyourphysicalabilities,therapeuticexercisecanprevent impairment and disability while improving your overall fitness. Typically performed as a part of a physical therapy treatment plan, this type of exercise is prescribed by a physical therapist. It may seem counter-intuitive to exercise when you are in pain. After all, the last thing you want to do when you are uncomfortable is making yourself more uncomfortable. Yet when you treat pain with medication andrest,youareonlyallowingthesupportingmusclestoweaken,causing greater pain and less functionality of the area. A physical therapist is trained to evaluate your body’s function, strength, and range of motion as well as your pain levels when you perform basic tasks. They can then create a customized treatment plan, including therapeutic exercise, that can strengthen weak areas, restore function to healing or surgically repaired joints, and reduce your overall pain levels. Not only can you experience a pain-free life, but you can also do so with greater strength and endurance than before!

Oneofthemostbeneficialtypesofpassivetreatmentweofferatourphysical therapy clinic is massage therapy. In addition to Swedish and pressure point massage techniques, Dynamic Rehab offers Deep Tissue Massage to all patients. Deep tissue massage is especially beneficial to athletes but can also prove useful for patients suffering from tension deep in their musculature. This massage technique is specifically used to break up scar tissue and muscle knots that cause disrupted circulation, limited mobility, and inflammation.

Specific results of massage therapy include:

• Reduced pain • Decreased adhesions and scar tissue formation

• Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage • Accelerated healing • Reduced swelling and inflammation • Improved range of motion

• Decreased stress • Improved mood

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At Dynamic Rehab Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions. 3 8 1 6 3

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1. Call and talk to your therapist

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2. Discover why your pain has come back

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3. Get your custom recovery program



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