American Impressionist Society National 2023

2023 24th Annual National Juried Exhibition August 3 - September 2, 2023

Quang Ho AISM “Arrangement with Pear Branch” Oil on Linen • 18 x 14

Somerville Manning Gallery • Greenville, Delaware

Greetings and a warm welcome to beautiful Greenville, Delaware, the Brandywine Valley and Somerville Manning Gallery…home of our 24th Annual American Impressionist Society National Juried Exhibition! This year’s exhibition features 167 juried works from our members as well as works from our AIS Masters, Founders and Officers, for a total of approximately 190 paintings. With 1,657 entries submitted, it was an extremely competitive jurying process. This is an exceptional collection of work by some of the finest American Impressionist painters living today. Sincere congratulations to this year’s juried artists for their outstanding achievement in being selected for this prestigious exhibition. The American Impressionist Society was founded in 1998 by Florida artists William Schultz, Charlotte Dickinson, and Marjorie Bradley of Vero Beach, and Pauline Ney, of Ellenton. Their goal was, and our goal continues to be, to promote the appreciation of American Impressionism and to provide artists working in the Impressionist genre with exhibition, educational and networking opportunities. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We currently have over 2,100 active members across the United States. Membership in AIS is open to American Impressionist artists who are legal U.S. residents and anyone who would like to support AIS as a supporting member or patron. Please visit our website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest events and opportunities we offer and for membership information. These opportunities include four annual exhibitions: a small works showcase in the spring, two online shows (one for associate members and one for all members) and of course, this, our crown jewel, our annual national juried exhibition held in the fall. Putting together an exhibition of this caliber takes an extraordinary amount of time and hard work, and we would personally like to thank everyone who has had a part in this year’s show including our Executive Director, Liz Ahrens, Somerville Manning Gallery owner Vickie Manning, Gallery Manager Rebecca Moore and their staff, all of our generous publication and merchandise sponsors, our volunteers, members and donors, all who submitted work for jurying this year, the jury panel, our esteemed AIS Masters includ- ing Quang Ho, AISM (Judge of Awards), paintout hosts, and our AIS Board and Founders. Sincere thanks to you all. This would not be possible without each and every one of you. Thank you for your time, your hard work, your support and your dedication to AIS. Finally, it’s our pleasure to invite you to enjoy this beautiful collection of Impressionist works of art. We encourage you to contact Somerville Manning Gallery when you find one that speaks to your heart. On behalf of our Board, including our newest board

member Kathie Wheeler AIS, founder Charlotte Dickinson, and Co-founder Pauline Ney, thank you so much for your support of American Impressionism and the Ameri- can Impressionist Society, Inc, and thank you for celebrating with us as we mark our 24th National Juried Exhibition!

Warmest wishes, Debra Joy Groesser, AIS CEO/President Don Groesser, AIS National Treasurer Cheryl St. John, AIS Vice President Doreen St. John, AIS Secretary

Debra Joy Groesser AIS CEO/President

Don Groesser Treasurer

Cheryl St. John AIS Vice President

Doreen St. John AIS Secretary

Charlotte Dickinson AIS Founder/Board Member

Mark Daly AIS Board Member

Theresa Proctor AIS Board Member

Kathie Wheeler AIS Board Member


Letter from the AIS Executive Director

It’s a delight to share a few photographs from our AIS visits over the past year--National Exhibition in Boul- der in fall 2022 and Small Works Showcase in Knoxville in spring 2023. Both locations provided fabulous weather, awesome painting locations and lots of red dots in the galleries! We will gather in St. Simons, Georgia for our 8th Annual Small Works Showcase held at Mary Anderson Fine Arts opening in April 2024. The Golden Isles region is rich in history and culture with moody marshlands and beautiful beaches. AIS is deep in planning for our 25th Annual National Juried Exhibition which will be held at the Rockport Art Association and Museum in September of 2024. Watch your emails for the robust schedule as we will be celebrating this milestone with more programs, parties, and painting opportunities.

We appreciate all the feedback we received from many of our members in our recent survey. Your suggestions will help guide AIS as we design new initiatives to increase the value of your membership. Thank you very much for your participation and dedication to AIS.

Liz Ahrens AIS Executive Director 231-881-7685

“What is American Impressionism? Does my work fit?” are questions that are often asked. In the past, AIS adopted a more formal definition for American Impressionism. However, we realize it’s a complex subject and a rigid definition is far too restrictive. Here are insights from our Founder, Officers, Board Members and a few Master Members.

Charlotte Dickinson AIS AIS Founder and Board Member

C. W. Mundy AISM Awards Judge 2021

American Impressionism ranges from pure Impressionism, such as John Twachtman, Childe Hassam, and Willard Metcalf; to Edward Redfield, Aldro Hibbard, Emile Gruppe and their contemporaries, among whom were Charles Movalli, William Schultz, and the many working Masters of today. Impressionism is characterized by loose brushwork and some realism, thereby being more creative and showing something of the artist’s soul.

A broad interpretation of Impressionism has morphed into what I would call “energetic realism”. In my discoveries, at first glance, the painting seems to be realistic, but looking at the inner parts of all its forms, it is very charismatic in paint manipulation. Anne Blair Brown AISM Awards Judge 2021 The ability to evoke emotion or a sense of light, atmosphere, and space through brushwork and paint application.

Cheryl St. John AIS AIS Vice President

Impressionism to me is a spontaneous interpretation of a scene using little detail and expressive brush strokes. The viewer is to use their imagination to determine what it represents or means to them...or “fill in the blanks.”

Bill Schneider AISM Awards Judge 2020

Bill shared a quote he likes, attributed to Richard Schmid: ‘People don’t want to know what you SEE, they want to know what YOU see.” It’s accurate and simultaneously loose. The viewer fills in the missing pieces. I try to see how far I can go (to destroy the form) while still keeping the image recognizable

Doreen St. John AIS AIS Secretary

Impressionism, for me, is the interpretation of real world subjects that emphasize light, atmosphere, shapes/form, energetic brushwork, and color and that express the emotion of the artist and/or scene. The importance is on the interpretation and emotion, rather than on accurate, stiff renderings of reality.

Roger Dale Brown AISM Awards Judge 2021

Impressionism is broken color, everyday subject matter, light and brushwork. The original Impressionists wanted to capture the prism of light that they saw in nature. They used broken color, juxtaposition of colors to create vibrations in their paintings.

Mark Daly AIS Board Member

Impressionism is an immediate and imprecise visual art form that portrays a spontaneous and personal interpretation of everyday life. It typically focuses on light, color, movement, and emotion.

AIS Definition American Impressionism is “The concern for light on form, color, and brushstrokes. Allowing equal latitude between these attributes, and recognizing not a single definitive element, but several factors including light and hue, visual breakdown of detail, concern for contemporary life, and cultivation of direct and spontaneous approaches to a subject.”

Terry Proctor AIS Board Member

Impressionism is a genre of painting, where the artist is inspired by light on the subject. The work is then painted with strokes of color, value, and temperature that play off each other without fine details, except at the center of interest .


AIS Exhibition History

American Impressionist Society Exhibitions – 1999-2020 First group exhibition- works by seven AIS artists - Wales Arts Center, Florida, Jan. 7 - Feb. 15, 1999. Annual National Juried Exhibitions and Best of Show Award Winners 1st Annual - Holiday Inn Oceanside, Vero Beach FL. Nov. 27-28, 1999. Kevin Macpherson, Best of Show 2nd Annual - Cincinnati Art Club, Cincinnati, OH. Aug. 25 - Sept. 3, 2000. Ray Roberts, Best of Show 3rd Annual - William Lester Gallery, Port Reyes Station, CA. Oct. 2001. Frank Gannon, Best of Show 4th Annual - Morro Bay Art Association, San Luis Obispo, CA. Oct. 2002. Calvin Liang, Best of Show 5th Annual - Charlotte Flinn Gallery, Vero Beach FL. Nov. 2003. Erin Rosen, Best of Show 6th Annual - Nichols Taos Fine Art Gallery, Taos, NM. June 2005. Kathleen Newman, Best of Show 7th Annual - Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, TX. Apr. 5 - May 6, 2006. Diane Eugster, Best of Show 8th Annual - Hilligoss Gallery, Chicago, IL. May 2007. Marci Oleszkiewicz, Best of Show 9th Annual - Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, CA. Nov. 22 - Dec. 21, 2008. Kathleen Dunphy, Best of Show 10th Annual - Saks Gallery, Denver, CO. Oct. 23 - Dec. 2, 2009. Dan Schultz, Best of Show 11th Annual - Richland Fine Art, Nashville, TN. Oct. 7 - Nov. 3, 2010. Forrest Formsma, Best of Show 12th Annual - Mountainsong Galleries, Carmel, CA. Oct. 15 - Nov. 15, 2011. Kathryn Turner, Best of Show

13th Annual - Eckert & Ross Fine Art, Indianapolis, IN. Nov. 2012. (Included a Master Symposium at the Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis/Purdue University, Nov 9-11, 2012, with eight AIS Master Artists instructing.) Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Best of Show

14th Annual - M Gallery/Principle Gallery, Charleston, SC. Oct. 2013. John Cook, Best of Show 15th Annual - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO. Oct. 2 - Nov. 1, 2014. Mark Boedges, Best of Show 16th Annual - Trailside Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ. Oct 1 - 29, 2015. James Richards, Best of Show

17th Annual - Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA. Sept. 29 - Oct. 30, 2016. Adam Clague, Best of Show 18th Annual - Montgomery Lee Fine Art, Park City UT, Sept. 28 - Oct. 29, 2017. Jason Sacran, Best of Show 19th Annual - Guenzel Gallery, Peninsula School of Art, Fish Creek WI. Sept 27 - Oct. 28, 2018. Nancy Boren, Best of Show 20th Annual - Salmagundi Club, NYC. Sept. 19 - Oct. 2, 2019. Jing Zhao, Best of Show 21st Annual - Illume Gallery, St. George, Utah Oct. 22 - Nov. 21, 2020. Brent Jensen AIS, Best of Show 22nd Annual - Gallery 1516, Omaha, NE Sept. 10 - Dec. 12, 2021. Jove Wang, Best of Show 23rd Annual - Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, CO Sept. 14 - Oct. 22, 2022. Julie Rogers, Best of Show AIS Impressions Small Works Showcase Juried Exhibition Inaugural Exhibition - Randy Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa CA. March 11-25, 2017. C.M. Cooper, Best of Show 2nd Annual - Greenhouse Gallery, Cincinnati OH. March 2018. Melanie Thompson, Best of Show 3rd Annual - Crooked Tree Arts Center, Petoskey MI, June 1 - Aug. 31, 2019. Abigail McBride, Best of Show 4th Annual - RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas March 6 - July 4, 2020, Rosanne Cerbo, Best of Show 5th Annual - Reinert Fine Art, Charleston, SC - April 1- April 30, 2021, Valerie Craig AIS, Best of Show 6th Annual - Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos, NM - May 12 - June 19, 2022, Kathleen Hudson, Best of Show 7th Annual - The District Gallery, Knoxville, TN April 14 - June 2, 2023, Erin Spencer, Best of Show

2024 AIS Exhibition Schedule

8th Annual AIS Impressions Small Works Showcase Mary Anderson Fine Art St. Simons Island, Georgia April 25 - May 28, 2024 Awards Judge: Dan Beck AISM

25th Annual AIS National Juried Exhibition Rockport Art Association and Museum Rockport, Massachusests September 27 - October 26, 2024 Awards Judge: Carolyn Anderson AISM


Awards Judge Quang Ho AISM

Regarded as a prolific American master and an influential teacher, Quang Ho was born on April 30, 1963, in Hue, Vietnam. He immigrated to the United States in 1975. His artistic interest began at the early age of three and continued through grade school, high school, art school and led him to a very successful painting profession. In 1980, at the age of 16, Quang held his first one-man- show at Tomorrows Masters Gallery in Denver Colorado. In 1982, Quang’s mother was killed in a tragic auto accident, leaving him the responsibility of raising four younger brothers and a six year old sister. That same year, Quang attended the Colorado Institute of Art on a National Scholastics Art Awards Scholarship. At CIA Quang studied painting under Rene Bruhin, whom Quang credits with developing the foundation for his artistic understanding. Ho graduated from CIA in 1985 with Best Portfolio Award for the graduating class. He started his career in the art world as a highly successful freelance illustrator from 1985-1990. His passion, however, was oil paintings and he found time to pursue those paintings along side of the illustrations. Those works were noticed by Saks Gallery in Denver and Quang was invited to hold his first solo show. The exhibit was a sold-out success and he went on to have many sell out shows the following years in Denver, Houston, San Francisco and London. Working mostly in oils and occasionally watercolor and pastels, Quang’s subject matter ranges from still-life, landscapes, interiors, and dancers, to figuratives. Quang is much sought after to give lectures and workshops around the world. Quang’s work has been recognized and awarded with top honors from American Impressionist Society, Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, the Artists of America, Prix de West and Salon De Arts.

Quang Ho AISM

“Harmony in Amber and Blues” • Oil on linen


AIS encourages all of our current members to attend our events. There is no fee to participate, except for workshops. 24TH ANNUAL NATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION EVENTS August 1-August 5, 2023 Brandywine Valley and Greenville, Delaware

Thursday, August 3 Hagley Museum Painting on location and tours AND Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony Somerville Manning Gallery Friday, August 4 Brandywine Battlefield Painting on location AND Panel Discussion/Critiques Dual Painting Demo with AIS Signature Members Brienne Brown and Ann Larsen Saturday, August 5 Studio Tours at Andrew and N.C. Wyeth studios AND Wet Wall Exhibition and Awards Somerville Manning Gallery

Paint Out and Wet Wall Paint in the Brandywine Valley all week Tuesday, August 1 Winterthur Workshop/Presentation/Demo with Quang Ho AISM AND Painting on location Wednesday, August 2 Brandywine Museum of Art Painting on location AND AIS Welcome Party


Over $75,000 in cash and merchandise. Cash awards funded by AIS.

$1,000 FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING AWARDS: William Schultz Memorial Award in Oils Marjorie L. Bradley Memorial Associate Member Award Dickinson Signature Member Award Ney Founders Masters Award President’s Choice Award Award of Excellence for Pastels Award of Excellence for Watermedia $12,000 SECOND PLACE $9,000 THIRD PLACE $6,000 FOURTH PLACE AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Artist Focus Feature ($6,400 value) BEST OF SHOW

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FASO Artist Websites Award of Distinction Two Year Website Hosting ($600 value), $500 cash F ASO Artist Websites Award of Distinction Two Year Website Hosting ($600 value), $500 cash

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Third Place: Blick $100 gift certificate, $50 cash, Art of the West Digital Subscription($25 value)

Three Honorable Mentions: Williamsburg Colors Set ($40 value), Fine Art Connoisseur subscription ($40 value) for each winner


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A benefit of your AIS membership is free admission to AIS events including panel discussions, painting demos, critiques, lectures, painting location fees, and receptions. Tuition required for workshops. We encourage you to attend!


AIS Master Artists AIS Masters are invited by the AIS Board of Directors and may sign “AISM” after their name. Masters are selected carefully and are considered to be leaders in the art community. Nationally known, they epitomize the highest level of impressionism and passionately give back to the society by sharing their knowledge.

Our AIS Masters

Carolyn Anderson AISM MT Kenn Backhaus AISM PA Dan Beck AISM NC Clayton J Beck III AISM IL Anne Blair Brown AISM TN Roger Dale Brown AISM TN Scott Burdick AISM NC Nancy Bush AISM TX Betty Carr AISM AZ Scott Christensen AISM ID

Kim English AISM KY Jerry Fresia AISM Howard Friedland AISM AR Lois Griffel AISM AZ Albert Handell AISM NM Quang Ho AISM CO Peggi Kroll-Roberts AISM CA Calvin Liang AISM CA Weizhen Liang AISM CA Huihan Liu AISM CA

Kevin Macpherson AISM NM Ned Mueller AISM WA C W Mundy AISM IN Camille Przewodek AISM CA James Richards AISM GA William Schneider AISM IL Zhiwei Tu AISM IL Dawn Whitelaw AISM TN

Kenn Backhaus AISM “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” Oil 14 x 11 • $2650

Dan Beck AISM ”Yellow Kimono” Oil 24 x 18 • $4200


AIS Master Artists

Anne Blair Brown AISM “Seaside Cottage” Acrylic 20 x 20 • $4200

Roger Dale Brown AISM ”Reflecting” Oil on linen 36 x 24 • $9000

Nancy Bush AISM “Still Water” Belgian linen on board 14 x 18 • $4500

Howard Friedland AISM “Sonata d’Acqua” Oil on linen panel 18 x 24 • $4300


Albert Handell AISM “Early Morning Mist” Oil 24 x 32 • $20500

Quang Ho AISM “Arrangement with Pear Branch” Oil on linen 18 x 24 • $5500

Calvin Liang AISM “Incoming Tide” Oil on canvas 12 x 24 • $3000


AIS Master Artists

Kevin Macpherson AISM “A Splash of Sunshine” Acrylic 11 x 14 • $4800

Weizhen Liang AISM “Weightless World” Oil on canvas 20 x 20 • $4800

C.W. Mundy AISM “Bass Rocks” Oil 20 x 20 • $7500

Camille Przewodek AISM “Italian Stairway” Oil on panel 14 x 11 • $3500


James Richards AISM “Moments in Between” Oil on linen panel 16 x 20 • $4500

William Schneider AISM “My Wild Irish Rose” Pastel 20 x 16 • $3250

Dawn Whitelaw AISM “Influencer” Oil on linen 17 x 20 • $2900


AIS Leadership 2023 Officers and Board Members:


Doreen St. John AIS Secretary Don Groesser National Treasurer

Debra Joy Groesser AIS President/CEO Cheryl St. John AIS Vice President

Mark Daly AIS Charlotte Dickinson AIS

Charlotte Dickinson AIS Pauline Ney AIS, Co-founder Marjorie Bradley (1933-2016) William Schultz (1919-2005)

Theresa Proctor AIS Kathie Wheeler AIS

Debra Joy Groesser AIS President/CEO “March Rain, Times Square” Oil on linen panel 14 x 18 • $1900

Cheryl St. John AIS Vice President “Simpler Times” Oil on linen panel 16 x 20 • $2850

Doreen St. John AIS Secretary “Morning Conversations” Soft pastel 18 x 18 • $1950

Mark Daly AIS Board Member ”Point des Artes, Paris” Oil on canvas 16 x 20 • $3750


Charlotte Dickinson AIS Founder and Board Member “Sunset Beach” Oil 18 x 24 • $3200

Terry Proctor AIS Board Member “October Glory Oil” 24 x 20 • $4200

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Founders and Board Members

Pauline Ney AIS Founder “Longboat Pass” Oil on canvas 12 x 24 • $2500

Kathie Wheeler AIS Board Member “Fresh Pasture” Oil 9 x 12 • $1050


Juried Works

Jacob Aguiar ”Scarborough Marsh in Strong Light” Pastel 12 x 16 • $1800

Janet Anderson ”Enduring Blooms” Oil on linen panel 8 x 8 • $650

Natalia Andreeva AIS “A Girl in Yellow Blouse” Oil 16 x 12 • $1200

Kurt Anderson “Yellow Peonies II” Oil on canvas 32 x 25 • $4600

Brian Astle “Eclipse” Oil on linen 34 x 17 • $3500

Jason Bailey “Below the Mountain” Oil 24 x 24 • $2400


Juried Works

Suzie Baker AIS “Great View” Oil 14 x 18 • $2800

Jill Banks “Sweet Roses” Oil 20 x 16 • $3100

Alison Barry “Work from Home” Oil on linen panel 16 x 20 • $925

Chula Beauregard AIS “Winter Gathering” Oil on linen panel 18 x 36 • $4800

Jacalyn Beam ”Happy” Oil on linen 12 x 16 • $1600


Bob Beck AIS “-1 Degree” Oil 20 x 24 • $2400

Brian Belfield AIS ”La Jolla Cove Morning” Oil on canvas 24 x 36 • $2500

Lori Beringer AIS ”Regal” Oil on linen 18 x 14 • $1700

Nanette Biers ”Riding the Thermals” Oil on panel 18 x 24 • $2400

Stan Bloomfield AIS “Early Snow” Soft Pastel 16 x 21 • $4500

Beverly Boren AIS “Red and Green Harmony” Oil 12 x 12 • $1200


Juried Works

Nancy Boren AIS ”Peach Blossoms” Oil on panel 10 x 8 • $950

David Boyd Jr. AIS “Daybreak Wadsworth Alley” Oil on linen 20 x 16 • $2000

Richard Boyer ”Heading Home” Oil 30 x 30 • $6900

Brienne Brown AIS “Capitol Reef Cliffs”Watercolor 14 x 18 • $2100

Thomas Bucci “A Cat Crosses Bay View Street”Watercolor 14 x 21 • $3000

Jenny Buckner AIS “Bright” Oil 8 x 10 • $1500


Keith Burgess “Pitcher Plate And Pear” Oil on linen 10 x 10 • $850

Ginny Butcher “Almost Spring” Oil on canvas panel 12 x 16 • $1000

Michele Byrne AIS “Manhattan Hues” Oil on panel 16 x 12 • $2000

Ken Cadwallader AIS “Fresh Cut Roses” Oil on linen 20 x 16 • $3900

John Caggiano AIS “Junior’s Barn” Oil on linen 20 x 30 • $6900

John Michael Carter AIS “Portrait Study” Oil on canvas 20 x 24 • $6500


Juried Works

Peggy Chang “Woman Working” Oil 30 x 20 • $4500

Marc Chatov “Athena” Oil on canvas 18 x 18 • $3200

Robin Cheers AIS “Tall and Tan and Young & Lovely” Oil on canvas panel 18 x 18 • $1650

James Coe AIS ”February Light Hull Farm” Oil on linen 18 x 24 • $3800

Barbara Coleman Worth the Hike- Louis Lake” Oil on linen 20 x 16 • $2900

John Cook AIS “Cockatoo or Three” Oil on panel 18.75 x 15.25 • $5200


C.M. Cooper AIS “Kitty Comfort” Oil on canvas panel 12 x 16 • $2200

Kathleen Coy AIS “The Night’s Watch” Oil on linen 16 x 12 • $2100

Valerie Craig AIS “Sundown” Oil 12 x 16 • $1800

James Crandall AIS “Young Couple at Jewelry Store Window” Oil on canvas panel 16 x 12 • $1600

Cindy Crimmin “Surge” Pastel 12 x 24 • $2100

Carl Dalio “Sunday Morning Interior” Oil on board 12 x 16 • $1800


Juried Works

J. E. Daly “Winter Mist Over the Seymour” Oil on linen 20 x 24 • $4000

Barbara Davis AIS “Renewed” Oil on linen 10 x 10 • $750

Dee Beard Dean AIS “Golden Light” Oil on linen 16 x 20 • $3080

Julie Davis AIS “Daylight’s Exit” Oil on panel 16 x 20 • $2000

Christine Debrosky AIS “Monsoon Drama” Soft pastel 20 x 16 • $1950

Rick Delanty AIS “Abounding” Oil on board 18 x 18 • $3500


Juried Works

Bernard Dellario ”Two Lemons” Oil on Panel 9 x 12 • $850

Crystal Despain “Secret Places: Self Portrait with Locket” Oil on aluminum 16 x 11.5 • $1900

Katie Dobson Cundiff AIS ”Spanish Point Boat Shed” Oil on Panel 14 x 18 • $1650

Fred Doloresco AIS “Saugatuck Copy” Oil on canvas 24 x 30 • $5200

Riley Doyle “Grace and I Reflection” Oil on panel 20 x 16 • $2250

Vlad Duchev “Setting Down” Oil 14 x 18 • $1700


Leslie Dyas AIS “Golden Hour Thoughts” Oil 20 x 16 • $2000

Frank Eber AIS “Yosemite Ranger Horses” Oil 16 x 20 • $2200

John Eiseman “Where Is My Bike?” Oil on canvas panel 11 x 14 • $1125

Fran Ellisor AIS “Arrangement in White and Yellow” Oil on linen board 16 x 16 • $1850

Diane Eugster AIS “Just Breathe” Oil on canvas 24 x 24 • $4032

Mark Farina AIS ”Orchid & Persimmons” Oil on canvas 14.75 x 11.25 • $2500


Juried Works

Bill Farnsworth AIS “On Parade” Oil on linen 14 x 18 • $3200

Rhonda Ford ”Bringing the Beauty Indoors” Oil 16 x 12 • $900

Kaye Franklin AIS “Hidden Falls” Oil on linen panel 11 x 14 • $1600

Terri Ford AIS “Bay Vista” Pastel 12 x 16 • $1800

Diane Frossard AIS ”Night Reflections” Oil on panel 12 x 12 • $1900

Mary Garrish AIS “Quiet” Oil on linen 16 x 16 • $2400


Mark Gingerich AIS “Feeding Time” Oil on linen 30 x 20 • $3500

Jill Glassman ”Skin ‘n Bones” Pastel 20 x 16 • $1000

Ashley Glazier “Breakfast Service” Oil on panel 30 x 24 • $2300

Joseph Gyurcsak AIS “Winter Interior of Studio” Acrylic on panel 12 x 12 • $2000

Joyce Hester “Meandering Sky” Oil on linen panel 12 x 16 • $775

Paula Holtzclaw AIS ”Firelight” Oil on linen panel 16 x 20 • $3900


Juried Works

Susan Hong-Sammons AIS ”Rehn” Oil 16 x 20 • $1900

Trevor Howard “Midway Stream” Oil on Board 11 x 14 • $850

Mary Hubley “Afternoon Shadows” Oil 9 x 12 • $850

Neal Hughes AIS “Mary Day Morning” Oil on linen 30 x 30 • $8600

Debra Huse AIS “Island Overlook” Oil 10 x 12 • $1600

Courtney Hunt “Chasing Butterflies” Oil on panel 6 x 8 • $850


Rose Irelan “Mendocino Sundance” Oil on linen panel 20 x 24 • $4800

Katherine Irish “A Forest Poem” Pastel 18 x 24 • $1800

Eric Jacobsen AIS “Still Life with Lilacs” Oil 20 x 24 • $2900

Maryanne Jacobsen “Petals and Coffee” Oil on linen 14 x 11 • $1400

Barbara Jaenicke AIS “Temperatures Rising” Oil on linen panel 12 x 16 • $2100

Brent Jensen AIS “The Mary Day” Oil 24 x 30 • $7000


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Juried Works

Rusty Jones “Retired” Oil on canvas 24 x 18 • $3500

Shelby Keefe AIS “Commute” Oil on canvas 18 x 24 • $4000

Ivan Kelly “Surf Watching” Oil on board 9 x 12 • $1450

Nicole Kennedy AIS “Carriage in Queue” Oil on linen 30 x 30 • $3000

Sheryl Knight “Serenity” Oil on linen 12 x 16 • $1600

Alana Knuff ”News Alert” Oil on linen 16 x 14 • $2500


Juried Works

Bhavani Krishnan AIS “Unfolding Light” Oil on panel 9 x 12 • $600

Susan Kuznitsky “Garden Gate” Soft pastel 11 x 14 • $950

Yelena Lamm ”Quest” Oil 12 x 30 • $3200

Ann Larsen AIS “Montana Ranch” Oil on linen panel 20 x 24 • $3800

Dottie Leatherwood AIS “Unexpected Perspective” Oil on panel 12 x 24 • $1600

Kristina Laurendi Havens “Halo” Oil on panel 10 x 8 • $1500


Christopher Leeper “October Contre-jour” Oil on board 20 x 24 • $3550

Deanne Lemley “Taking Aim” Oil on panel 11 x 14 • $1500

Carolyn Lindsey AIS ”Honore’s” Oil on linen 15 x 20 • $1300

David Lussier AIS “Morning Light” Oil on linen 11 x 14 • $1700

Nancy Macdonald “Anza Borrego” Oil 10 x 20 • $1500

Jeffrey Markowsky “Shine On“ Oil on linen panel 12 x 16 • $1250


Juried Works

Chris McAllister “Market in Rome” Oil on board 12 x 12 • $1500

Abigail McBride “How’s the View Up There?” Oil 24 x 18 • $2400

Patricia McGeeney “Rasberry Beret” Oil on panel 12 x 12 • $1200

Jonathan McPhillips AIS “How We Roll” Oil 20 x 24 • $4500

Spencer Meagher “Morning In New Harmony” Acrylic 18 x 24 • $2400

Kami Mendlik AIS “Quiet Beauty of The Marsh” Oil 24 x 30 • $7500


Marianne Miller AIS “Marsha’s Creek” Oil 18 x 24 • $1900

Lei Min AIS “Beach Bliss” Oil on canvas 24 x 18 • $2500

Anne Molasky “Home” Oil on board 8 x 8 • $800

Alicia Mordenti “Washington Green” Oil on panel 16 x 20 • $1800

Chris Morel “Autumn on the Dixon Sarco Road” Oil on linen 16 x 20 • $4100

Debbie Mueller “In the Pink” Oil on panel 11 x 10 • $850


Juried Works

Linda Mutti “Sierra Light” Pastel 16 x 20 • $2600

Debra Nadelhoffer AIS “Water Lilies in Marsh Grasses” Oil 24 x 30 • $3000

Patricia Nebbeling “Yellow Roses” Oil on linen panel 18 x 14 • $1800

Charles Newman “Sunday Morning Kid Craft” Oil on linen panel 24 x 24 • $2800

Nancy Nowak AIS “Clouds Above” Oil on canvas panel 20 x 16 • $1700

Anton Nowels AIS ”Hereford Spring” Oil on canvas 22 x 22 • $3700


Ted Nuttall “Sentient”Watercolor 14 x 15 • $4500

Joseph Orr “Winter Palette” Acrylic on masonite 24 x 20 • $5000

Pamela Padgett AIS “Wild Abandonment” Oil on linen panel 12 x 16 • $1650

Jay Parks “Sandia Wash” Oil 11 x 14 • $650

Anton Pavlenko “Golden Hour” Oil on canvas 24 x 30 • $3500


Juried Works

Ed Penniman “Pacific Valley Trail Big Sur” Oil on canvas 12 x 16 • $1500

Mike Peterson “Bridgette” Oil 13 x 10 • $1000

Mary Pettis AIS “Pas de Deux” Oil on linen 8 x 12 • $2350

Elise Phillips “Winters Wrath” Oil on canvas 30 x 30 • $6500

Karen Philpott “High Roads of Taos” Oil on linen 20 x 24 • $2500

Elizabeth Pollie AIS “The Peacemaker” Oil 36 x 24 • $7500


Lori Putnam AIS “Morning Along the Tiber” Oil on linen 20 x 30 • $7000

Mary Qian AIS “George” Oil on canvas 20 x 16 • $3200

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman AIS “Dion” Oil 18 x 14 • $1800

Christine Rapa “Tangelos” Oil on panel 20 x 16 • $1500

Jeanne Rosier Smith “Daybreak” Pastel 12 x 24 • $2500

Jessie Rasche “Golden Harvest” Oil on canvas 10 x 8 • $500


Juried Works

Todd Saal AIS “Wakeup Nolensville”Watercolor 15 x 11 • $1200

Ann Sanders “River Sunset” Pastel 12 x 16 • $1200

Barbara Schilling AIS “My Memories are Stored in the Cloud” Oil on linen 26 x 30 • $3500

Aaron Schuerr AIS “Off Trail in the Spanish Peaks” Oil on linen 12 x 14 • $1900

Larry Seiler AIS “End of the Road” Oil on canvas 20 x 20 • $3200

Judy Shaw “Shaw Girl Reading” Oil 16 x 12 • $600


Michael Situ AIS “Sunset Moment” Oil on canvas panel 12 x 16 • $2000

Jerry Smith AIS “Sycamore Segue” Oil on board 20 x 24 • $2200

Shannon Smith Hughes AIS “Apples and Daisies” Oil on linen 30 x 30 • $6500

Richard Sneary AIS “Neglected II”Watercolor 11 x 14 • $1500

J. Ken Spencer AIS ”Textures of Time” Oil on linen panel 16 x 20 • $3800

Judith Stach AIS “Coconuts” Oil 24 x 18 • $3500


Juried Works

Yan Sun “Peaceful Harbor” Oil on canvas 24 x 36 • $8000

James Swanson AIS “Monet’s Lily Pond Man” Oil on linen 24 x 18 • $4000

Kathryn Townsend AIS “Utah Spires” Oil on panel 8 x 10 • $675

Brad Teare “Mountain Cascade” Oil on canvas 30 x 30 • $6800

George Van Hook “Country Lane” Oil on linen 28 x 30 • $4200

Patty Voje “Mr. Right” Oil on board 8 x 8 • $400


Jill Stefani Wagner “My Path” Pastel 9 x 12 • $850

Barb Walker AIS “Summer Day” Oil on linen 10 x 12 • $1100

Benjamin Walter “Cody Peak” Oil on canvas 18 x 24 • $3250

Linghui Wang “Holding the Roses” Oil on board 16 x 12 • $2300


Juried Works

J. Russell Wells “Eva” Oil on linen 20 x 16 • $1280

Karen Werner AIS “Lemons & Pomegranates” Oil on panel 11 x 14 • $1300

Ran Wu AIS “Harvesting” Oil on canvas 36 x 24 • $8000

Maria Yakovleva “Venezia” Oil on canvas 28 x 23 • $3000

Jean Yang “A Daily Life” Oil 16 x 20 • $1200

Vladislav Yeliseyev AIS “Assisi Door”Watercolor 22 x 15 • $3400


Allie Zeyer AIS “Solitude”Gouache 6 x 6 • $700

Jing Zhao AIS “Cusco Street #2” Oil 20 x 26 • $5800

Rainny Zhao “At the Moment” Oil on linen 20 x 16 • $3800

Congratulations to the juried artists in our 24th Annual National Exhibition. AIS offers four exhibitions each year for our members to enter their works which are reviewed and scored by five jurors working in a blind process. The accepted 167 juried artworks in this exhibition received the highest scores out of the 1,657 entered works.


Paint Out is a plein air competition for AIS members to create artwork within a defined time and location. Typically held during the Opening Week of events at our Small Works Showcase and National Exhibition and all current AIS members are eligible to participate. “En plein air” is a French term used to describe the act of painting in the open outdoors. The challenge of weather, insects, moving objects/people, and curious bystanders all create the fun challenge of the event. You will have a specific number of days to paint in and around the specific area and then turn in one piece for the Wet Wall Exhibition and Awards Reception. You must supply all of your own painting supplies and frame. Gamsol is provided for oil painters who travel by air to the event. Why and how do my canvas/paper need to be stamped? We stamp the back of your blank materials at locations provided by AIS to prove you started the artwork during the week. How many pieces may I stamp and submit? You may have any number of materials stamped, but may only submit one piece for the judge and Wet Paint sale.The largest material you may paint is 12 x 16. Where can I paint? Anywhere in the area AIS is hosting our opening week events. AIS provides a list of suggested locations and offers special venues for you to visit and paint. How do I prep my work for the Wet Wall? You must frame your artwork and attach a wire for hanging. AIS provides wire, D-rings and tools for members' use. When is the Wet Paint sale and what is a Wet Wall exhibition? A Wet Wall is the display of the artwork created during the week. It is a one day event, typically the Saturday of our opening week events. Artists receive 60% commission on all sales. Unsold work must be picked up by the artist at the conclusion of the sale. What are the prizes? Typically three cash prizes and three honorable mentions.



Signature Members for 2023

To achieve Signature Member status with the American Impressionist Society, members must have been accepted into three AIS National Juried Exhibitions or two National and two Small Works Exhibitions and have been a member for three consecutive years, including the years of those exhibitions. Membership dues must be paid annually to retain Signature status. Congratulations to the following members who have achieved Signature Member status in the American Impressionist Society as of January 2022.

Nicole White Kennedy AIS NC MM Kent AIS AR Laurie Kersey AIS CA Janice Kirstein AIS WA Cheryl Koen AIS TX Joanne Kollman AIS OR Bhavani Krishnan AIS OR Marianne V Kuhn AIS SC Shanna Kunz AIS UT Frank LaLumia AIS CO Susan Lange-Marshall AIS NM Ann Larsen AIS NY Joanne Lavender AIS CO Jeanette Le Grue AIS OR Dottie Leatherwood AIS GA Laura Lewis AIS AL Shuang Li AIS CA Carolyn Lindsey AIS NM Michael Lindstrom AIS WA Matt Linz AIS MN David Lussier AIS NH Diane Lyon AIS IN Emilee Lyons AIS AL Cathy Mabius AIS PA Miguel Malagon AIS IL Cindy Maronde AIS FL Chuck Marshall AIS OH Daniel Marshall AIS CO Edith Martin AIS OH Jennifer McChristian AIS CA Rick McClure AIS OK John McCormick AIS CA James McGrew AIS OR Kathryn McMahon AIS FL Lori McNee AIS ID Jonathan McPhillips AIS RI Patrick Meehan AIS CA Lynn Mehta AIS VA Michele Pope Melina AIS VA Kami Mendlik AIS MN Marianne Miller AIS OH Lei Q Min AIS CA Tom Nachreiner AIS WI Debra Nadelhoffer AIS GA Sharon Nelson AIS GA Pamela Newell AIS IN Jane Newman AIS AZ Kathleen Newman AIS IN Pauline Ney AIS WV

Nancy Franke AIS GA Kaye Franklin AIS TX Eleanor Freudenstein AIS CA

Michael Clark AIS CO Patricia Clayton AIS WA James Coe AIS NY Dede Collicott AIS GA John Cook AIS TX Christina Cooper AIS CA Bethanne Cople AIS VA Gene Costanza AIS OR Kathleen Coy AIS MO Valerie Craig AIS PA James Crandall AIS CA Donald Crocker AIS CA Nancy Crookston AIS CA Sue Crossland AIS TX Judy Crowe AIS TX Joshua Cunningham AIS MN Richard Dahlquist AIS CO Mark Daly AIS OH Tony D’Amico AIS CT Barbara Davis AIS AL Julie Davis AIS TX Mary Ann Davis AIS IN Debra Joyce Dawson AIS OH Daisy De Puthod AIS NY Dee Beard Dean AIS SC Margaret Dean AIS CT Adelaide DeAntonio AIS NJ Christine Debrosky AIS AZ Donna DeLaBriandais AIS CA Rick J. Delanty AIS CA Charlotte Dickinson AIS PA Katie Dobson Cundiff AIS FL Fred Doloresco AIS IN Lynn Dunbar AIS KY Kathleen Dunphy AIS CA

Monica Anne Achberger AIS OH Rob Adamson AIS UT Natalia Andreeva AIS FL Lanell Arndt AIS TX Joe Anna Arnett AIS NM Frank Baggett AIS TN Mitch Baird AIS AZ Suzie Baker AIS TX Cindy Baron AIS RI Stacy Barter AIS FL Kevin Barton AIS MI Joli Ewing Beal AIS CA Chula Beauregard AIS CO Bob Beck AIS WI Michael Beeman AIS WY Brian Belfield AIS CA Lori Beringer AIS WI Bruce Bingham AIS TX Stan Bloomfield AIS AZ Tom Bluemlein AIS KY Beverly Boren AIS TX Nancy Boren AIS TX David Boyd, Jr. AIS GA Catherine Boyer AIS CA Brenda Boylan AIS OR Lon Brauer AIS IL J.M. Brodrick AIS OR Victoria Brooks AIS CA Brienne Brown AIS PA Gina Brown AIS AL Laurel Buchanan AIS OR Jenny Buckner AIS NC Michele Byrne AIS NM Ken Cadwallader AIS MI John Caggiano AIS MA Martha O. Carmody AIS OH Nancy Hooper Carroll AIS CA Jim Carson AIS NC Valerie Carson AIS CA John Michael Carter AIS KY Rosanne Cerbo AIS NY Jane Chapin AIS WY Raj Chaudhuri AIS CO Lorenzo Chavez AIS CO Robin Cheers AIS TX Barbara Chenault AIS TX Inna Cherneykina AIS CA Barbara Churchley AIS CO Kristin Clark AIS TN

Lisa Fricker AIS CO Paula Frizbe AIS TN

Diane Frossard AIS TX Stuart Fullerton AIS IL Philippe Gandiol AIS CA Mary Garrish AIS FL Ilene Gienger-Stanfield AIS OR Mark Gingerich AIS OH Teri Gortmaker AIS CO Millie Gosch AIS GA Lindsey Bittner Graham AIS CO Janet Greco AIS PA Debra Joy Groesser AIS NE Robert Grogan AIS WA Joseph Gyurcsak AIS NJ Nancy Haley AIS CO Ann Hardy AIS TX Marva Harms AIS MN Stephanie Hartshorn AIS CO Rodney Hayslip AIS OH Carolyn Hesse-Low AIS CA

Roger Heuck AIS OH Marjorie Hicks AIS TN Emily Hirn AIS GA

Michael Holter AIS TX Paula Holtzclaw AIS NC Susan Hong-Sammons AIS MA

Susan Hotard AIS TX Hai-Ou Hou AIS MD Julie Houck AIS ME John Hughes AIS UT Neal Hughes AIS NJ

Jane Hunt AIS CO Debra Huse AIS CA Susiehyer AIS CO Charles Iarrobino AIS NM Joy Jackson AIS FL Eric Jacobsen AIS ME Barbara Jaenicke AIS OR

Leslie Dyas AIS SC Frank Eber AIS CA

Cynthia Edmonds AIS FL Jeanne Edwards AIS WA Fran Ellisor AIS TX Susan Elwart-Hall AIS WA Diane Eugster AIS NV Mark Farina AIS CA William Farnsworth AIS FL Catherine Fasciato AIS CA Paula Fasken AIS NM Trey Finney AIS SC Tatyana Fogarty AIS CA Terri Ford AIS CA

Wilma James AIS PA Brent Jensen AIS CA Frankie Johnson AIS IL Michael Chesley Johnson AIS NM Robert Johnson AIS VA Shelby Keefe AIS WI Jill Keller Peters AIS CA


Signature Members for 2023

Clive Tyler AIS NM Michele Usibelli AIS WA Kim VanDerHoek AIS CA Barb Walker AIS OH Charles Young Walls AIS GA

Daly Smith AIS GA Jerry Smith AIS IN Shannon Smith Hughes AIS SC Barbara Smythers AIS FL Richard Sneary AIS MO Ken Spencer AIS ID Katriel Srebnik AIS PA Cheryl St John AIS CO Doreen St John AIS OH Judy Stach AIS NJ Jerry F. Stone, Jr. AIS FL Liz Haywood Sullivan AIS MA Gregory Summers AIS KS

Elizabeth Robbins AIS UT Carol Roberts AIS MO Gladys Roldan-de-Moras AIS TX

Nancy Nowak AIS GA Anton Nowels AIS AZ Kathie Odom AIS TN Sally O’Neill AIS UT Aline Ordman AIS VT Mikyoung Osburn AIS CA Rae O’Shea AIS MA Richard Oversmith AIS NC Marian Pacsuta AIS TN Pamela Padgett AIS TN Deke Palecek AIS WI Virginia Pendergrass AIS NC Dena Peterson AIS IA Mary Pettis AIS MN Rachel Pettit AIS UT Susan Ploughe AIS IL Elizabeth Pollie AIS MI Ann Powers AIS AR Theresa Proctor AIS PA Robin Purcell AIS CA Lori Putnam AIS TN Mary Zhenhul Qian AIS IL Hope Reis AIS FL

Stuart Roper AIS TX Marilyn Rose AIS CA Vanessa Rothe AIS CA Gregg Russell AIS ID Todd Saal AIS TN Jason Sacran AIS AR Teresa Saia AIS WA Val Sandell AIS TX

Ann Watcher AIS NC Karen Werner AIS CA Kathie Wheeler AIS WI Shelly Wierzba AIS TX Cindy Wilbur AIS CA Toni Williams AIS CA Larry Winborg AIS UT

Susan Sarback AIS CA Dayle Sazonoff AIS IL Dorothy Schildknecht AIS IL Barbara Schilling AIS MI Grace Schlesier AIS CA William Schmidt AIS MD Aaron Schuerr AIS MT Dan Schultz AIS CA Julia Munger Seelos AIS CA Larry Seiler AIS WI Jerry Shanafelt AIS OR Michael Situ AIS CA

Mike Wise AIS WA Elo Wobig AIS OR Mary Dolph Wood AIS NM Ran Wu AIS CA Vladislav Yeliseyev AIS FL Gary Young AIS TN Romona Youngquist AIS OR

James Swanson AIS IL Keiko Tanabe AIS CA

Nancy Tankersley AIS MD Sheryl Thornton AIS UT Randall Tillery AIS OR Kathryn Townsend AIS WA Christine Troyer AIS WA Susan Truitt AIS MO Cecy Turner AIS TX Kathyrn Turner AIS WY

Allie Zeyer AIS ID Jing Zhao AIS TX Ni Zhu AIS CA

Associate Members for 2023 Lynn Abbott VA Kori Abdouch NE Garry Abel TX Kim Abernethy NC Liz Abeyta CA Geoff Allen CA Melinda Allen NC Shawn Allen IA

Ranoosh Barclay CT Beth Barger NC Joseph Baris OH Clifford Barnes CA Patricia Barnes MA Roberta Barnes NE Donna Barnhill NM Linda Barretta CA Laura Barrow TX Alison Barry MD Vicki Bartholomew TN

Carra Artis TN Sandy Askey-Adams PA

Mary Aslin CA Brian Astle UT

Susanna Anastasia NJ Daven Anderson MO Dianna Anderson FL Janet Anderson CO Kirsten Anderson CA Kurt Anderson MI Kurt Anderson VA Neil Andersson CA Patti Andre CO Robin Angelides CA

Thomas Atkins IL Cliffton Austin CO Dockery Austin AL William Perry Austin AL Jacqueline Aves CO Pamela J. Ayres FL

Richard Abraham MN Sharon Abshagen CO Angela Accarino GA Sandra Ackerman MI Amy Adams OH Lewis Adams MI Ashley Addison IN Simon Addyman CA Patrica Adelman SC Linda Agnew GA Mike Agopian CA Jacob Aguiar MA Susan Aitcheson RI Robert Akers IL

Ernie Baber CA Beth Badger ME Jason Bailey KY Tom Bailey MA Judith Bairstow FL Gordon Baker OR Karen Bakke WA Tom Balderas CA Willo Balfrey CA Deena Ball ME Jill Banks VA Bruno Baran MD

Jill Basham MD Beth Basista OH Sarah Baskin CT

Sam Angoori TX Ahmed Ansari VA Joan Appel MA Leslie Appelt MN Barbara Archer-Baldwin FL Heather Arenas FL

Nancy Bass FL Tricia Bass CO Parvaneh Bassiri CA Lisa Batch FL Annette Laurel Batchelor CA

Chuck Bauer WI Richard Bava MI Diane Bay KY Jacalyn Beam DE Phil Bean NH Donato Beauchaine RI

Jessica Armstrong CO Linda Armstrong NY Robert Arnett CA Dianne Arnette TX Carol Arnold TX Charlotte Arnold FL

Sherri Aldawood AZ Christy Aldredge GA Sami Ali AK Kerstin Alischoewski IL Stanton deForest Allaben NC David Allen WA

Chantel Barber TN Sherry Barber TX Mat Barber Kennedy IL


Associate Members for 2023

Kelly Charlesworth PA Nanci Charpentier LA Marc Chatov GA Esperanza Chavez CA Mary Ann Cherry ID Vickie Chew OR Barbara Childs VA Linette Childs NJ Conner Choi CO Tina Chong CA Stan Chraminski HI Nancy Christopher NH Katherine Churchill ME Pamm Ciupa MT Tim Clark AZ Linda Clarke FL Colette Claros TX MaryAnn Cleary MN Muci Clemens FL Michael Clements HI Patti Cliffton CA Sarah Clinton TN Dave Clough ME Mary Clouse IN Carol Cochran SC Barbara Coffey-Jones NM Marcie Cohen CO Kit Coker SC Brenda Coldwell TN Beth Cole NE Bets Cole OR Barbara Coleman NM Midge Coleman NJ Rosie Coleman GA Amy Collins AL David Collins CO Valerie Collymore WA Michele Combs MN Pamela Comfort CA Cindy Compert CA Eden Compton NY Michael Compton MA Aleex Conner TN Patricia Connolly CA Alice Constantine NY Gary Cooley NC John Coombe DC Karen Cooper IA Christopher Copeland MN Mary Sheila Corcoran OR Paula Cordes OH Erin Cordle NY Daniel Corey ME Sandra Corpora PA

Greg Bunker OR Lise Buonocore NY Tonya Burdine CA Lisa Burgerlentz PA Keith Burgess GA

Liz Bonham TX Maryann Bonk GA

Jennifer Beaudet-Zondervan CA Judith Beauford TX

Laurie Bonn NH Sm Botstein NC Jeffery Bottom IN Kelly Best Bourgeois TX Ed Bouwmeester NY

Janet Beck AL Kevin Beck NC Elizabeth Beecher OH Lou Belcher FL Chris Bell NC Carole Belliveau NM Mary Benedetto NY Susan Benigni-Landis PA Catherine Benita CA Mary Benke CO Karen Bennett MS Nancy Benton CA Suzanne Berg IL Kate Bergquist ME Paul Bergquist WI Deborah Bergren MI Carol Berning TN Barbara Berry PA Holly Hunter Berry TX Jacquilyn Berry VA Jan Best GA Jim Bettendorf NC Everett Betty NC Gail Beveridge FL Ellen Bibb TN Marty Biernbaum SC Nanette Biers CA Donna Biggee GA Carolyn Biggio LA Parivash Biglarbeigi MD Penny Billings MA Susan Birgeles OH Bradford Bisbey IL Anwesha Biswas TN Bruce Black AZ Jennifer Black SC Linda Blackburn FL Beth Blackwell Cullen GA Karen Blackwood MA Pamela Blaies TX Linda Blair TN Jennifer Blake ME Deliece Blanchard NC Kristin Blanck PA Donna Bland TX Lisa Bloomingdale-Bell CA

Margena Burnett FL Lee Ann Burney TN Joanne Burney Hunter CO

John L. Bovard LA Anthony Bowes VA Dennis Boyd MT Richard Boyer UT Terry Boyle PA Bruce Boynton CO Jill Brabant VA

April Burris AR Sheryl Burritt IL

Joseph Burrough VA Maryann Burton NJ Lisa Busby MS Ellen Buselli NY Weston Bush OH Laurel Bushman OR Ginny Butcher WY

Jane Brackin AR Jon Bradham WA Denise Bradley CA Kip Bradley GA Patricia Ridge Bradley OK Thomas Bradshaw VA Lily Braff NC Bobbie Brainerd CA Pat Branting MT Thomas Breeden CA William Breidenbach MA Marla Brenner WI Shelley Breton ME Cindy Bridgman VA Kathleen Broaderick FL Mary Broccolo-Derr MI Allen Brockbank UT Lonnie Broden MN Patricia Brodowski VA Diane Brody FL Claudia Brookes MD Coakley Brown VA Glenda Brown TN Krystal Brown TX Stephanie Brown PA Tom Brown TX David Browning FL Anne Brownyard SC Patricia Bruce CA Maria Bruchmann TX Donna Brumbergs TN Judith Brunko AZ Susan Bryant SC Thomas J Bucci ME Grace Buchanan MS Kirk Buchanan TX Dawn Buckingham CA

John Buxton PA Gina Buzby VA Denis Byrd NC Sue Cable CO

Michael Cade SC Marilyn Caissy CT Robert Calcagno GA Larry Cannon CA Claire Capron VA Judith Carbine VT Indira Cariappa PA Kathy Carl GA

Lauren Carlo MD Tom Carlson NV Heidi Carney WA Cyndy Carstens AZ Sherri Carter MT Amy Carter Ishmael TX Stephanie Carter Nielsen UT

Janis Casco Blayer HI Kimberly Casebeer KS Barbara Casey MN Todd Casey CT Robin Caspari VA David Cass NE Victoria Castillo TX Sally Caswell MA Audrey Caylor TX Shannon Celia CA Gloria Chadwick CA Allison Chambers NC Karen Chamblin WV Shere Chamness CO Rajen Chanchani NM Kaz Chandler NV Eric Chang CA Peggy Chang CA

Megan Bogart CA Ranae Boggess NE Joan Bohls TX Maria Boisvert CA Laura Bollettino VA Ingrid Bolton GA

Kyle Buckland VA Mary Buenting FL Rick Bulman FL


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