$0--&$5 * 7 * 5 r  $0..6/ * 5: The January “blahs” found nowhere to roost for the weekend in Russell during the Liv- ing Locally Fair. The main floor hallway at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School (STA) was packed on an almost regular basis with to and from traffic, as people wandered in and out of the school cafetoriumand gymnasium areas, and several classrooms dedicated to the overflow of vendors with their display tables and information kiosks, during the annual community living celebration. Mark- ing its ninth year, the Living Locally Fair has proven a popular antidote to themidwinter blues for many, and a positive community promotional opportunity for the Russell and District Horticultural Society. “Everyone’s happy,” said Carole VanDie, one of the representatives for the society, during a pause in her own volunteer duties at the fair. “We’re full and we have a waiting list of 75 (vendors).” Many longstanding participants in the annual fair were back again to set up shop at the school for the weekend. This year’s event also saw several newcomers display their wares or offer demonstrations of their services. VanDie and other societymembers kept busy during the weekend. But, she noted, the event would not be the annual success that it is without the support and partnership of both STA administration and the students who gave up their weekend to help out. “We’ve got such a good core of volunteers, both our own and the students,” said Van Die. “The kids are just fantastic.” Everyone’s happy Living Locally GREGG CHAMBERLAIN

Claire Desrochers (à gauche), Christine Desrochers et Morgan Bloom ont offert une grande variété de friandises lors de la foire axée sur la vie locale qui avait lieu à l’école secondaire catholique St. Thomas Aquinas de Russell, lors du weekend du 21 janvier. —photo Gregg Chamberlain


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Local garlic adds flavour to every meal, courtesy of Lloyd Strachan. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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