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Tara Shannon… holistic artist and role model


On the verge of releasing her new coun- try soul album Unfinished this upcoming February, all the stars are finally aligned for Tara Shannon. This Russell recording artist is not only a singer and songwriter. She is also a pro- ducer and owner of her own record label and publishing company. Working inmale- dominated industries, such as music and trucking, she has finally found her balance after many years, thanks to her music. Her style explores connections with people and affecting change. “Music has the power to heal. I love the music industry and entertainment is great, but I’m heavily burdened with this sense of purpose.” Butterfly child Tara Shannon shares a special bond with Jonathan Pitre. She has made headlines in June 2015 following the release of Butterfly Child .The charity single was her ownway to 613-850-5744 La maison du store par Danny & Sandra Décor 100 stores en démonstration *Venez voir votre store avant de l’acheter* • Peinture • Tissus • Céramique • Cadeaux

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After spending a lot of time in Nashville and 20 years in the making, Tara Shannon will release her new album Unfinished on February 15. This country soul album will feature nine tracks, representing her family: herself and her husband, along with their seven children. —submitted photo

3433, chemin Gendron, Hammond ON

Create, capture, connect Her experience through her challenges in business and in life has equipped her with her own outlook, which she shares through Willow Sound Records, a full-service artist development agency providing record label, music production and publishing services. “The indie type label moto is more of a partnership with the artist, helping them develop. My job is basically for them not to need me anymore and to understand the landscape of the music business.” Unfinished “I’ve spent a lot of time in Nashville over the last three years, learning from the best of the best. My producer is ridiculously tal- ented. She’s a young woman fromVancouver. Her name is HayleyMclean and she is based in Nashville.” The album will feature nine tracks and is set to be released to radio and iTunes on February 15. It will be available in local stores and online. An actual launch, with a big show, is planned for March or April. Her first single, for which she is in the process of making a music video, will be called Love me loud . She wants her video to to connect with her audience, the same way her music does. “ Love me loud is about encouraging women to express what they need and how they want to be loved.” Having two daughters, she is verymindful of the way the industry is often objectifying women. “I believe it’s an illness that is epi- demic in our culture. I can’t fix it and I prob- ably won’t change it. But I certainly don’t want to contribute to it. One of the benefits of being an artist at my age, and because I am a mom, I have nothing to lose. I have no preexisting fans to lose, right? But I think it will be moms”, she concluded, laughing.

help raise Jonathan’s profile and contribute to putting pressure on the government to say yes for the funding. “My contribution in the arts world was very small compared to TSN, but we got a wonderful response. Now, we just have to make sure he’s strong enough to go to the second round of chemo. He’s already fighting so much. He’s an incredible kid.” And all that jazz Born and raised inMontreal, she is a clas- sically trained piano player, who studied at the world conservatory and who picked up sax in high school. She settled, with her husband Dan, in Russell in 1993. She put out her first full-length album in 1997. It generated some activity. She even received a record deal, which she turned down. “I had three young children at the time and I had no idea what I was chasing.” In the following years, music not making enough money as her family was involved with competitive sports, with her husband she started a company called TIF group, for which they are business partners.They now have seven children aged between 23 and 10 years old. Eventually, steering away frommusic and battling depressionmade her realize she had tomake changes in her life. “I believe in the ability of the body to heal. When I cut myself, I don’t do anything to tell my body what to do.The body inherently knows how to heal. Now my medicine is my lifestyle. It’s how I live. It’s bringing backmusic intomy world.” Last December, Tara released an inspi- rational charity video about mental health called Someone who understands . “We ac- tually just heard that the Michaëlle Jean Foundation wants to work in partnership to raise money and awareness.”

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