Advanced: How Neck & Shoulders Can Cause Headaches

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“Are Your Shoulders Getting Weaker?”


Does your neck ache towards the end of the day? Do you often end up with nagging headaches? While you might think it’s only due to stress, it may also be a result of your daily posture. When we use our arms throughout the day, the shoulder muscles get tired. This leads us to use our neck muscles as a substitute. A sure sign of this is when you notice your shoulders rising up closer to your ears. You may also find your spine rounding forward. The sooner our shoulder muscles fatigue, and the more rounded forward we end up, the sooner we notice headaches and neck pain. Think this might be you? Here are 4 BASIC TESTS to try at the end of the day! (continued inside)

• The Culprit Of Headaches • 2 Helpful Exercises To Strengthen Shoulders • Patient Results • Ideal Protein

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