October Kitchen - November 2022

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Sometimes when we’re hungry, we see a lot of food and pile the max amount onto our plates. By doing this, we can overindulge and eat more food than is necessary. Here are four strategies to help you eat the right amount of food so you can satisfy your hunger without overeating. 1. Use smaller dinnerware. Research shows that the size of your silverware, plates and bowls can influence your food intake. If you use a large plate, your food seems smaller, which can lead to you putting more food onto your plate. The next time you cook at home, try using smaller plates and bowls before you eat. It may reduce your chances of overeating. 2. Your hands can act as a portion guide. Your hands typically correspond to your body size, which makes them a great tool to see how big your food portions should be. One to two palm-size servings of meats, poultry and beans should be enough. Vegetables and salads are also recommended to be one to two fist-size servings, while whole grains are one to two servings with your hand cupped. 3. Eat slowly. It’s tempting to scarf down a delicious meal as fast as possible, but try to take your time. If you’re a fast eater, you’re not giving your brain time to register if you’re full or not — causing most people to overeat. It takes around 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to send signals to notify you that you’re full. So savor your meal by taking your time between each bite. 4. Before eating, drink some water. As mentioned above, the brain sends signals to the rest of your body when it’s full. Drinking more water can fill up that space in your stomach and make you less hungry throughout the day. So drink a cup of water a few minutes before each meal to help you reduce your food intake. At October Kitchen, we give you the perfect food portions that will leave you feeling full and happy. So, try one of our meals today — your taste buds and brain will thank you later!



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But the turkey isn’t the only thing we’re preparing. We’re also making crusts, baking pies, skinning and mashing potatoes, chopping items for stuffing, jamming fresh cranberries, mixing my specialty apple butter, baking dinner rolls, sautéing stuffing and much more. Even our office staff pitches in by running around and ensuring every box has all its dishes and fixings. It may seem hectic and overwhelming, but I promise it’s organized chaos. Instead of thinking about how chaotic our lives are as we prep these meals, I think about the hundreds of people who get to have a Thanksgiving dinner — that’s all the motivation I need. From our whole team at October Kitchen, thank you so much for supporting our crazy Thanksgiving ambitions. It’s an honor to provide you and your loved ones with delicious and nutritious meals each year.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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